Every year brings many changes to the music industry. Throughout the year, a musician-newcomer may become globally popular. Throughout the year, a genre may disappear or get incredible popularity. Usually, everything in this world is fleeting. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep up with the trends.

What are EDM music examples?

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Now every person may hear about the popularity of EDM. Let’s find out what it is. This is a shortening from Electronic dance music. It is easy to understand that the main purpose of those tracks is to make music fans dance and have fun. It is possible to find such music hits when visiting nightclubs, where the DJ is constantly “rocking” the audience. Moreover, EDM sounds at concerts or festivals of electronic music often enough.

Many people think that EDM is a separate musical genre. However, this is a false assumption, actually. Electronic dance music represents many styles and trends. It can be called a generalized term for genres such as: 

  • techno;
  • future pop;
  • house;
  • hip hop;
  • industrial metal;
  • drum-n-bass;
  • electronic rock;
  • dubstep;
  • trance and others.

All of the above genres can answer the popular question, “What are EDM music examples?

In fact, the name EDM appeared not so long ago. That is why many people might not even be aware of the existence of this acronym. The first mention of the name EDM can be found in the American music industry in the 2010s. Before that, all that we now refer to as this concept was called just dance music.

Experts say that the trigger for the creation of the term EDM was the rapid development of this technology. Tracks are now made with new technological tools such as mixers, sequencers, computers, drum machines, etc. In other words, this kind of music is not made with a standard set of instruments.

According to the statistics, the main masses of EDM fans gather at various popular festivals. These are quite large-scale events with many stages and performers. The organizers also pay maximal attention to various visual effects. All this is done to ensure that the audience is fully immersed in the surrounding atmosphere and enjoy the incendiary dancing.

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