What Are Personalized YouTube Music Playlists?

YouTube Music is becoming more and more like Spotify and other competitors. This is because the service launches personalized playlists based on your musical tastes to introduce new tracks or find the ones you usually listen to.

Updated weekly, playlists will be created based on YouTube Music and YouTube history. One is reminiscent of Spotify’s Discoveries of the Week. Called the Discover Mix, it brings together music you might like from new artists and little-known tracks from your favorite artists.

Another YouTube Music playlist is New Release Mix, similar to Spotify New Release Radar. It launches every Friday with the latest releases from the artists you follow on the platform.

Finally, the service will offer “Your Mix”, a playlist that combines songs you already know with others you haven’t heard on the service yet, but that you’ll probably enjoy.

YouTube Music has begun releasing a new form of custom playlist that brings together songs you haven’t heard yet, but that have some similarities to other songs by artists you already like, called the Discovery Mix. The list appears to subscribers and is updated every Wednesday.

Like other playlists automatically created by YouTube Music, the user will be able to save it to their personal library and listen to tracks even after a new update – in addition to being able to download content for listening without consuming network traffic. mobile.

The app uses some of the clips that the platform has to create a music collection, only providing the song and not the video for those who just want to listen to the music. From the very beginning, it was already possible to switch playback so that the clip would turn on and the music would play along with the video, but there was a pause between the modes, since video content had to be loaded to start switching – even when only sound was selected.

With offset, the pause is much smaller, but still noticeable. It takes much less than a second and the music plays exactly in the same place as the previous mode.

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All files are protected by copyright. This means that you can safely use them in your videos without fear of getting a warning from the platform. However, the available ranges are limited and may not suit your needs. Given that millions of creators have access to the library, it’s likely that you’ll end up using the same song as in other videos.

YouTube Music says it uses over five million clips with this feature to seamlessly switch between playback modes. Also new is that Music Only mode removes long intros from videos, such as a chat between an artist and the audience at a concert that was recorded, or a clip that has some scene that isn’t in the original music that was recorded for the album and is available on the video platform.

Finally, the button for switching between modes has become more prominent and is now located in the middle of the upper part of the screen – it used to be smaller and was in the upper right corner. The news is now available to all YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscribers (who have Music in the package) on Android as well as iOS.

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