What Are Some Free Music Platforms?

If you are serious about streaming music, then you should definitely use one or another music streaming service. But you can use such platforms completely free of charge, or you can subscribe to the premium version of any of them or even several.

If you want to save money on streaming music, then we recommend that you use the Swedish music streaming service Spotify. Today it is in first place in the world among its peers and tops the rating of similar streaming services.

Spotify has a completely free version and a paid version. A feature of the free version will be the inability to download tracks and listen to them without an Internet connection, as well as constant annoying ads that will periodically interrupt the streaming broadcast.

Spotify has one of the most complete catalogs not only because of the number of songs available, 70 million, but also because it also offers its users a catalog of videos that artists use to premiere or exclusively distribute new content.

You can create playlists, bookmark your favorites, and search for the style of music you like the most. Plus, it’s easy to find new music, the latest hits, and access playlists, songs, and artists tailored to your preferences with the For You option, with personalized content by genre, mood, or activity.

Spotify only in the paid version allows you to download music for free, add it to your library and listen at any time.

Deezer – This music streaming platform is present in over 182 countries. Theoretically, it is available to everyone, but in practice it has only 20 million paid subscribers.

This is a free app that gives you access to the entire catalog of songs for free, but with ads and reduced sound quality. The paid version eliminates ads, improves usability and track quality, and offers different rates. It doesn’t have an annual subscription, but it does have a 30-day free trial in Premium mode.

Catalog – offers over 43 million songs of all styles, genres and artists. Deezer is compatible with iOS and Android, Sonos system, Smart TV, car devices and other multimedia systems.

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Through the “Recommendations” menu, Deezer automatically adds songs and albums by artists you frequently listen to or mark as favorites, as well as others that users with similar tastes tend to listen to. With the Similar Artists option, you can research and find new artists related to your favorite artists.

The free version doesn’t allow you to download music to listen to when you’re offline. The Premium+ version lets you sync albums and playlists to your devices, so you can enjoy them without an internet connection.

Deezer has additional apps for getting lyrics and scores. In addition, it offers the ability to share playlists on social networks.

There are many more music streaming services that you can use completely free of charge. But even listing such platforms would take a long time. We have covered two of the most popular and in-demand free music streaming services.

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