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What are some good songs to listen to 2021?

Every year or every period of time, such as a month or half-year, the best songs in the world are determined. If anyone wants to understand which tracks have become top hits at this time, he should turn to the rating of the most popular streaming music services in the world. If there is a desire to just listen to good music, then you can simply turn to searching the Internet. Several options called «Top 100» hits will immediately appear on the page.

Each of the services offers its own version of top hits. As a rule, this is a playlist, which includes the most popular songs of this year. By the way, you can make a query in the search string, and the system will give out the top hits of the year that you will enter, if we are talking about the recent time and the coming years.

For example, in the popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify, you can find up-to-date information that will feature the main hits of the year according to Spotify.

TOP 100 2021

By the way, it is this streaming music service that can be considered decisive in the global music industry. Today he has the largest number of users among streaming music platforms – more than 350 million. This audience of active listeners is scattered throughout the world. That is why the information submitted by the Swedish streaming service may be the most relevant. The popularity of a hit today is calculated by the number of auditions on certain platforms.

The statistical system of service counting makes its conclusions on the basis of the number of listenings of a particular track or musical composition on this streaming platform. As a rule, the system forms a playlist called «TOP-100». It is these tracks that are the most listened to this year.

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Of course, later the playlist will change. It is automatically adjusted based on current statistics.

In the same way, you can learn about the most popular tracks on other streaming services. Just log in to your account and make a request. If you conduct several such manipulations, you can independently understand which tracks today are the most popular in the world or even in a certain country.

We will not give a list of the most popular hits of 2021, because this list on different streaming music services will be slightly different, and the next day it may be different.

Therefore, if you want to be on the crest of the wave of the musical world, then do as we described above.

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