What Are The Advantages Of Serato

One of the most famous programs for DJing or learning how to use a mixer is Serato. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this popular DJ software.

It is one of the programs that provides the highest quality, with another “personality” due to the ease of use, the interface and the products that can be used with it.

As with most programs like Serato, the best place to download is from their own website. In this case, the brand offers many downloadable packages, both free and paid. Our main subject of analysis in this post is Serato DJ Pro, what we might call the full version of this program. As we said, it is downloaded from the same Serato page and has a total cost of 129 euros, which must be paid in installments of 9.99 euros per month.

However, this is not the only thing that we can download from this web page, without going further, we can get a free limited demo version of the program, as well as a trial version, a trial period of the full program for fourteen days, also free for the user.

Finally, the brand also offers packages such as Serato DJ Essentials or Serato DJ Suite, which include more features designed for live performance or sound effects at a higher price. It is true that you can have the packages individually at lower prices. Like many other programs, they also offer visual effects software.

Serato has an interface that, while keeping a lot in common with the interface of other programs with similar usage, has its own features that make it different. In terms of similarities with other DJ software, below is a song browser where you can browse various libraries. At the top, you can control the volume of the mix, as well as adjust other aspects of the program.

The distinctive part is located primarily in the mixing channels. Without going into too much detail, while normally tracks advance horizontally, in Serato they do so vertically, from top to bottom, which can be a little confusing for those used to the other format. The colors are also different and just like for those who usually use Traktor or Virtual DJ, it can be strange. They offer a running simulation where you can see the time and especially the speed at which the songs are going, making it easier to sync not only aurally but also more visually.

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New technologies and advances in music are allowing the world of songs that a DJ can move in to become ever wider, and Serato is not far behind. In this program, we will be able to use the music that we have stored in the computer’s music library or, for example, in iTunes.

Serato is not like Traktor, it does not have its own hardware brand, so it adapts to the most popular controllers. However, Pioneer, for example, has controllers whose ideal and recommended software is Serato itself. We can say that they acclimate their functions to almost any brand of controllers.

Serato advantages:

  1. Ability to pierce a wide variety of styles. With its capabilities, Serato positions itself as the software with which you can mix from the most underground techno to the most commercial EDM, using styles other than electronica, such as hip hop. In addition, it offers the possibility of mixing with, for example, vinyl. In short, this is a very versatile program.
  2. Additional packages such as effects give you the ability to control your club or stage, making this software ideal for live performances. He is very accomplished in this area, going beyond the strictly musical and also offering visual services.
  3. Variety of fittings. As we have already mentioned, without focusing on one type or brand of controllers, Serato is prepared for major manufacturers such as Denon, Numark or Pioneer and thus is a popular program.

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