What Are The Alternatives To Audible?

Distribution of books in audio format is on the rise. With the proliferation of smartphones and a constant Internet connection, it is now possible to listen to a good book on the go or, for example, just on the beach.

The offer of the latest audiobooks is invading major online bookstores. You don’t have to pay for the great classics of literature. There are hundreds of free audiobooks that can be downloaded online for lyrics that have entered the public domain.

Here are some very popular sites where you can listen to your favorite audiobooks, hear the classics and discover new works of world literature.

  • Audio Literature. This is a literary site well known to amateurs. Literature Audio contains at least 8,000 free audiobooks. The stated goal of the site’s organizers is to make the joy of literature accessible to all. All audiobooks on the site are free and available for download in mp3 format, so you can listen to them anywhere. To navigate the shelves, Audio Literature offers you a search engine. You can also search by author’s name and more original by reader.
  • LibriVox. This is an American site that hosts audiobooks in many languages. An elegant interface with a simple built-in search engine as the only way to help the passing bibliophile.
  • Bibliboom is a site that offers many free audiobooks in various languages. Created by two lovers of literature who spared no effort to make a large number of entries. They are of good quality. You can listen online or download the audio file in MP3 format. A little originality for most books, you also have access to the full text of the book. The site deserves to be famous. It would also be helpful if ads in all directions were a little less occupied.
  • Odio. This is a specialized service of the popular Radio Canada, which offers a high-quality audio portal to all Internet users. You will find a large and regularly updated number of modern free audiobooks. To make them easier to listen to, Radio Canada offers a dedicated app for your iOS or Android smartphones.
  • Electronic Books. Site of free audiobooks for the little ones. eBookids offers 369 audiobooks for children. Great classics and some beautiful gems. You can listen to books online, but you can also flip pages and follow the story as you listen. You can sort suggested books by age or by length.
  • Internet Archive. This amazing free digital library well deserves a spot on this list of resources for finding free audiobooks. It hosts many of the audio files offered by other sites on this list. A real free and open source gold mine. If you search the library of free audiobooks, you’ll find hundreds of audiobooks, as well as other resources such as e-books, newspapers, movies, video games, and sound files.

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To all these resources, paid platforms still need to be added. Some of them offer you a free audiobook from their catalog to greet you. Possibility to listen to a recent bestseller without paying anything. This is the case with Audible. High quality audio versions.

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