What Are The Basic Functions Of Apple Music?

Among the huge number of music streaming services, Apple Music occupies a special place. It is an American platform which is the music streaming service of the world famous Apple.

Apple Music is a streaming service that allows you to listen to music as much as you want for a fixed price. In the fall of 2022, the music library of the service, according to its owners, reached the mark of 100 million tracks, which is simply a huge number compared to most of its competitors. Even industry leader Spotify, the Swedish streaming service, only has 82 million tracks in its music library.

In addition to music, there are videos, there are also songs that are pre-shipped only on Apple Music, and a series of live audio sources only on Apple Music. This means that the service can offer its subscribers a lot of exclusivity.

Songs managed by iTunes are also synced and can be managed on every device that uses Apple Music. In addition, Apple Music has a Radio category where you can listen to programs provided by the original Beats 1 radio station and programs for each music genre provided by Apple Music.

Apple Music audio quality is AAC 256 kbps. Depending on the Internet traffic and the stability of the connection, the speed varies from 128 kbps to 192 kbps. Apple provides its own encoding program, which is why it is said to be able to play music with optimized audio quality with almost no loss.

Because Apple Music has a download function, it can also be downloaded in the Wi-Fi environment and played offline. This can save mobile data and play the downloaded music anytime, anywhere. It is very comfortable.

“For You” is a feature that analyzes the songs you play on Apple Music and your favorite songs and suggests the recommended music. Here you can listen to playlists called “Favorites Mix”, which are automatically generated playlists of your favorite songs, recently played songs and albums, and recommended new songs. It should be said that when compiling musical recommendations, Apple Music uses artificial intelligence, which creates the most accurate musical recommendations.

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It is a nook where you can find the music, music videos, charts, radio, TV shows, movies, and more that Apple Music brings to your attention. You can also switch the display for each genre you like, which is handy when you only want to enjoy a certain genre. Unlike For You, where you can find music close to your favorite music, this feature allows you to find a wider range of music.

If you know the music you want to listen to, you can search through the vast array of Apple Music songs by artist or song title. You can also search playlists and radio to find the music you want to listen to in certain situations or moods.

We can say that Apple Music is recommended not only for specific artists, but also for those who are looking for new music every day, follow the music fashion and events in the music world, and also love high-quality sound.

A significant disadvantage of Apple Music is the complete absence of a free version of the application. Only new subscribers can count on a three-month free trial period during which they can decide whether or not to continue using this music streaming service.

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