What Are The Benefits Of A Deezer Family Membership?

Deezer is a French music service that operates on a monthly subscription basis. Deezer is available in web browser, computer apps, mobile apps, smart TVs. The app includes over 70 million songs. Deezer has 30,000 preset radio stations. The streaming platform has efficient music recommendation algorithms. The system suggests music albums and artists based on listened music and similar genres.

The app’s user interface is intuitive, Deezer is easy to use and easy to navigate, whether you’re using a desktop browser, desktop app, or mobile app.

The platform is available in over 180 countries. The French service offers a high level of free music streaming. The platform’s media library today contains more than 70 million tracks in the main languages ​​of the world.

What Are The Benefits Of A Deezer Family Membership

A standard Premium subscription to the French service will cost $9.99 per month. This is not to say that the cost of a subscription is fundamentally different from the cost of other music streaming platforms.

If everyone in the family is ready to listen to streaming music from Deezer, then the service has a family plan option. This plan allows you to create from one to six individual accounts when used on 13 devices. You can also create additional child profiles so that you can keep track of the music content your children are listening to.

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The French music streaming service’s family plan will start at just $14.99 per month. It’s much cheaper than setting up six individual accounts and paying for each one. At the same time, remember that each account will be autonomous. In each account, you can create individual music selections, a music catalog, and the system will give recommendations to each user separately, according to his musical preferences.

The ability to control the content that children listen to has become a very convenient and popular feature that the French music streaming service offers. I would like to say that such a service has become innovative and so far only some streaming services practice it.

In fact, a family subscription to this service will be able to fully satisfy the musical needs of a single average family.

The music service from France offers basically the same music offering as other platforms, but its range includes a lot of content not available elsewhere, including the electronic music it specializes in.

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