What Are The Benefits Of HEOS?

The HEOS Denon Multiroom is the leading technology for building wireless sound systems in the most complex rooms. Proposed and implemented by a world famous company, this technology, due to its many advantages, has already gone beyond the boundaries of its own products of the Japanese brand. In addition to Denon, HEOS is now used in modern speaker systems and other Marantz products.

Denon’s HEOS is a wireless sound system that includes a range of great-sounding music solutions for your entire apartment. To control the system, a convenient free application has been developed, available for phones / tablets based on iOS or Android. Now you can fully enjoy the great sound of your favorite music collection or Internet radio.

This system has many advantages. For example, no wired connection. The communication task of a cable-based system is often very difficult, time consuming and costly. Using HEOS is a simple and effective solution to this current problem. At the same time, there are no difficulties in the interaction of various models that support this technology. The system has excellent adaptability. Any number of communication components can be added to the entertainment complex. Thus, the most complex configurations of the multi-room system can be formed.

HEOS is easy to use. All AV devices combined into a multi-room system are usually controlled from one single remote control, as well as a wide range of signal sources. These can be local storages, streaming music, smartphones, they can also act as a control body.

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You can combine multiple listening rooms in perfect synchronized performance of the same song, or play different songs in different rooms so that everyone can dance to their own rhythm, you just need to move from room to room, bringing your phone or tablet with you. This is, of course, essential and advantageous to distinguish HEOS from other wireless systems. HEOS uses standard home wireless system technology, so forget about complicated instructions and tons of technical details – installing HEOS is very simple and easy.

It is worth noting that behind every HEOS system there is a long and painstaking work of Denon professionals. HEOS is not only a talent for engineers, it is also a great work of designers, but also components of the highest quality, assembled with the utmost care and accuracy.

Denon has managed to achieve perfect synchronization with multiple devices at the same time, and it must be said that the playback quality is beyond praise.

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