What Are The Benefits Of Spotify Premium?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify offers its users a huge multi-million dollar music library and many other very convenient and effective features. The service has two subscription options.

Analysts’ predictions agree: of course, the music streaming market in the world will grow, but it has long been divided among the leading players, which, most likely, will not allow a newcomer to become a full-fledged competitor. But it’s not only that. You can change your mobile operator, you can change your subscription to a video service, which means you can change the application through which you listen to your favorite music.

Yes, you can find releases in the Spotify library that, for example, are not in Apple Music. But vice versa. Do you know what is the main complaint of many Spotify users who have decided to transfer all their collections and playlists there from another similar service? That some songs were simply not found in Spotify.

With the free version of the application, the user gets the basic set of functions, the ability to skip up to six tracks per hour, limited offline work and the inability to download tracks in principle. The sound quality is also limited. The main unpleasant effect will be constant advertising, which, with constant listening, is very annoying.

Companies pay Spotify to listen to ads every few tracks. This fully explains the amount of advertising. In addition, Spotify constantly offers you to subscribe to its premium version during commercial breaks.

A premium subscription can get rid of all these problems. You can also listen to music offline and download tracks, you can get much higher sound quality and so on. But you have to pay for everything. A premium subscription is inexpensive, but inexpensive is a very relative term.

Of course, the most fortunate are those who study. The price of a student subscription is only $4.99 per month (at registration, you need to provide details of a student card, tuition agreement or grade book).

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If you are alone, the price for you is $9.99 per month, but when you connect a second person to your account, it will be the Duo plan, and its price is $12.99 per month.

Well, the most profitable option (many companies use it, for example) is a family subscription, which will cost you $14.99 per month, then six people can use the service at once for one price. And here it is important to note that each user will have, as it were, his own individual account, that is, it will not be a general subscription in terms of the media library, but everyone will be able to listen to what they want and create their own playlists and lists of preferences, which is very convenient.

A subscription to Spotify is being issued not yet in the application, but on its official website (in the desktop version).

And important advice for the future. If you’ve tried Spotify and didn’t like something, try returning to the service after a while. You may not understand Spotify yet, but Spotify needs time to understand us.

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