What Are The Best Music Apps For iPhone Owners?

Smartphones have changed our lives. But the situation with the use of these gadgets in the world is not the same everywhere. For example, in the countries of Eastern Europe, about 80% of users choose smartphones based on the Android OS. In other countries, the proportions are slightly more even, and in Ireland, Sweden, the USA and Japan, smartphones and tablets with the bitten apple logo are chosen by about 70% of consumers. The best iPhone apps are well thought out and high quality.

If you are a fan of the Apple ecosystem and use it on a daily basis, you might be interested in the Apple Music option. Android users should look elsewhere, although for those determined, an app is also available for that system. While this app’s transfer rate is slightly slower than Spotify (256 kbps versus 320 kbps with Spotify Premium), Apple Music’s audio is considered marginally better than the Swedish giant. The difference lies in the encoding. Apple uses a more complex AAC.

The Best Music Apps For iPhone Owners

Apple Music comes standard with MacBook, iPad and iPhone with a stylish red music score icon. All you have to do is use an Apple ID, payment – after a three-month free trial – is done via Apple Pay, so everything remains in the family. As with other services, here, after launch, the application asks us about our favorite music genres and artists, and then, based on this data, prepares the first sentences: albums, playlists and songs that we would like.

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The advantages include the ability to search songs by text fragments, access to Apple Radio and a solid collection of music videos and live recordings in very good quality. In all fairness, AM is inferior to Tidal in this regard. Apple Music also lets you download files to disc and listen to them without an internet connection. For the subscription price, Apple Music is average.

Shazam is one of the most popular iPhone apps for finding songs that sound in the city, on the radio or on TV. Just press the corresponding button and wait 10 seconds, and the program will recognize almost every song and find it in the database of musical compositions.

Of course, no one will forbid you to install on your apple gadget and Swedish Spotify, if you want to constantly use high-quality music streaming service for free. But this option cannot be considered optimal, since the playback quality of music content in the free version of Swedish music streaming is not very high. Therefore, real music lovers will have to issue a paid version of the service. But in this case, you will not get any advantages over Apple Music, because you also have to pay for it. Namely, Apple Music fits most harmoniously into the Apple ecosystem.

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