What Are The Best Music Apps In 2024?

If you want to get free access to new music and a huge number of songs, then be sure to pay attention to music streaming services. For example, the Swedish streaming platform Spotify has a music library of over 80 million tracks. But if you don’t want to spend money on soy music hobbies, then you should take advantage of free music streaming services.

Basically, music apps that let you listen to full length songs even on the free plan will have audio ads inserted while the songs are playing. Audio ads appear every time you play a few songs, so many people experience stress, depending on the user’s attitude towards intrusive ads.

Also, in the free plan of the music app, apart from the constant intrusive ads, you can only skip a limited number of songs per hour, so in the paid plan, you can avoid these restrictions. For those who want to enjoy only music, we still recommend signing up for a paid plan.

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Now that you understand the features of choosing a music app, this time we will present the recommended top three music apps that are free to use in a ranking format. Currently, if you want to use such a streaming service for free, please refer to it.

  • Amazon Music is free. Amazon Music Free does not allow you to select songs, and you can only enjoy stations or top playlists, but you can enjoy songs in their entirety. You can also register favorites to have Amazon Music Free select your favorite songs.
  • Spotify. Offline playback is not possible with Spotify’s free plan, but you can use the same system as the Premium plan. As for the playback method, the free plan can only be used for shuffle when the songs are played in random order. It can be recommended to those who listen to music at home as a radio. You can also listen to a wide variety of playlists on Spotify for free, and choose and enjoy songs that match different scenes.
  • YouTube Music. The YouTube Music free plan allows you to play music in full and in random order so that you can enjoy the songs to the fullest. In addition, we have a wide selection of video content, such as clips, so that you can not only listen to the songs, but also watch them. However, since background playback is not available on the YouTube Music Free plan, the music will stop when you return to the home screen from the app screen.

Not only is there a wide variety of music, but if you pay attention to whether you want to enjoy high-quality songs with an emphasis on sound quality, or if you want to find foreign artists that you don’t know yet, you can enjoy more, use any of the music apps listed above.

When choosing a streaming service, be sure to first check whether it is compatible with your device on which you plan to listen to streaming music. Not all versions support streaming music. We are talking, you guessed it, about old models of gadgets and their software.

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