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What Are The Disadvantages Does Apple Music Have?

The music streaming service from the Cupertino corporation is considered the second in the world music market after the Swedish streaming platform Spotify, which has held the palm on it for many years.

For those music lovers who have been quite densely immersed in the world of Apple Music and identified quite a few disadvantages of this widely advertised music streaming service, a lot was an unpleasant surprise.

So, the shortcomings that potential buyers of a rather inexpensive subscription should be aware of. Maybe you won’t encounter these problems during your free three-month trial period. But you’ll be armed.

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  • Apple Music allows you to save music for offline listening. The files are encrypted, but once your subscription expires, your listening access will be terminated. Surely many people have multiple Apple IDs from different countries. For example, in the American and Dutch AppStore games and applications are often released earlier, so you have to switch. But after this action all the downloaded music is deleted, and when you go to the main account, where you bought a subscription, you have to download everything again.
  • There is another resulting problem – you can’t download the entire music library at once for offline access, so you have to open each album and click on the icon with the sun. But there’s a tip for fixing this unpleasant nuance. Open iTunes on your PC or MAC go to your media library and create a new Smart Playlist. Set the following conditions – duration of more than one second. This will automatically add all the tracks in your media library to your Smart Playlist. It remains to open it in the iPhone and click the Download button, and wait until the entire library is downloaded.
  • There are top playlists of star artists with stars. They can neither be added to the music library nor downloaded. Accordingly, each time you have to click on the plus sign next to each track, and then on the download icon.
  • Sometimes Apple Music just won’t give you access to the songs you’ve saved offline. And here it’s no longer a question of changing the Apple ID, it’s just that the tracks won’t start. To solve the problem, just go online and everything will work again. The saddest thing is that this also happens when we are in roaming, and someone can stay without your favorite music, well, for example, on the plane, and there is no pattern in this case.
  • And, of course, Apple’s typical approach to providing services to subscribers from different countries. If you have a subscription, for example, in India, wanting to save money on paying for the streaming service, then you will not be able to access the songs that the service can only broadcast in the country of your real stay. So you’ll have to virtually change your location, and with it, the cost of your subscription.

Of course, Apple Music has flaws, too, just like any other streaming platform. Despite that, the service remains the best for use in Apple’s gadget ecosystem. That’s why it’s near the top of the music world Olympus, constantly competing with Spotify, which managed to climb it years ago. Despite its shortcomings, Apple Music shows a steady pace of development and high profitability, which allows developers to constantly introduce various innovations.

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