What Are The Main Differences Between Amazon Music Unlimited VS Amazon Prime Music?

In the realm of digital music streaming, Amazon stands as a prominent player with its dual offerings: Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music. The dichotomy between these services hinges on factors that resonate with audiophiles and casual listeners alike, charting a unique course in the symphony of streaming platforms.

Key Distinctions at a Glance:

  1. Song Catalog: Amazon Music Unlimited’s vast collection of approximately 100 million songs overshadows the more modest Prime Music library, which boasts around 2 million tracks.
  2. Artist Immersion: The allure of experiencing an artist’s full album is catered to by Amazon Music Unlimited, an advantage that caters to enthusiasts seeking musical depth.
  3. Shared Privileges: Amazon’s innovative Household feature enables two adults to consolidate Prime privileges and digital entertainment, fostering convenience and collaborative enjoyment.
  4. Prime Integration: Prime Music is harmoniously integrated into a Prime subscription, offering over a thousand playlists and stations in addition to its 2 million songs.
  5. User Experience: Amazon’s intuitive app allows unlimited skips, offline listening, and ad-free streaming for both Music Unlimited and Prime Music subscribers.

Beneath the pricing veneer lies the central divergence between the two services. Amazon Music Unlimited flourishes with its “tens of millions” of songs, eclipsing the comparatively modest Prime Music assortment. An astute comparison reveals Spotify’s staggering inventory of over 100 million tracks, a critical distinction for aficionados of niche genres and obscure artists.

Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited offer varying levels of audio quality, catering to different preferences and equipment standards.

Amazon Music Unlimited boasts HD, Ultra HD, and Spatial Audio streaming options, while Amazon Music Prime users are limited to standard-quality streaming.

HD and Ultra HD provide superior audio quality compared to standard streaming. HD offers “more than double” the quality of standard streaming, while Ultra HD claims to be “up to 10 times” better. Spatial Audio, enhanced by Dolby Atmos, immerses listeners in a multidimensional sound experience. Although available on various devices, Spatial Audio for Amazon Music excludes Mac and desktop computers.

In terms of bitrate, Amazon Music Prime streams at a maximum of 320 kbps, whereas Amazon Music Unlimited streams at either 850 kbps (HD) or 3730 kbps (Ultra HD). Bitrate refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time and directly influences audio quality.

The disparities in audio quality become more pronounced when using high-fidelity equipment. For instance, listeners relying on laptop speakers or low-quality headphones may find 320 kbps adequate. Conversely, audiophiles employing high-end speakers and headphones are more likely to discern the contrast in audio quality between the two services, particularly due to the lossy compression of 320 kbps files.

Amazon Music Prime vs Unlimited Subscription Plans: A Pricing Comparison

Pricing plays a pivotal role when choosing between Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited subscription plans. Here’s a breakdown of the costs and benefits:

Amazon Prime Music: Free with Amazon Prime Subscription

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you get access to Amazon Prime Music at no additional cost. However, it’s worth noting that an Amazon Prime subscription itself costs $14.99 per month. Alongside Amazon Prime Music, you also unlock various benefits such as free same-day Amazon deliveries, discounts on services like Prime Video and Prime Gaming, a discount Whole Foods credit card, and a free one-year Grubhub+ subscription.

Amazon Music Unlimited with Amazon Prime: $9.99 per month

For Amazon Prime members, Amazon Music Unlimited is available at a discounted rate of $9.99 per month. This is in addition to the $14.99 monthly fee for the Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon Music Unlimited without Amazon Prime: $10.99 per month

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, the standard cost for Amazon Music Unlimited is $10.99 per month.

In summary:

  1. Amazon Prime Music: Free with Amazon Prime subscription ($14.99/month)
  2. Amazon Unlimited with Amazon Prime: $9.99/month (plus $14.99 for Prime subscription)
  3. Amazon Unlimited without Amazon Prime: $10.99/month

Additionally, there are variations in pricing for the three available Amazon Unlimited sub-plans (Individual, Family, and Single-Device), which we’ll delve into further below.

How much is Amazon Prime Music?

To ascertain the cost of Amazon Prime Music, simply look at the price of an Amazon Prime subscription. As it’s included for free with Amazon Prime membership, its indirect cost is $14.99 per month.

Streaming Seamlessly: The Interface and Selection:

Both Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music beckon through a user-friendly web player and downloadable app. The ubiquitous Amazon Music app spans devices, from smartphones to automobiles. However, in contrast to more established streaming platforms, Amazon’s web player and desktop applications exhibit room for refinement, albeit functional.

The Song Spectrum

Amazon Music Unlimited’s melodic ensemble extends to tens of millions of songs, overshadowing Prime Music’s tune tally. A personalized examination reveals an expanse of classic and contemporary artists, a distinction evident in the audible tapestry. Individual preferences may dictate the perceived breadth, urging potential subscribers to embark on a 30-day trial before financial commitment.

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Value Proposition

The prevailing query resides in the investment worthiness of Amazon Music Unlimited. For connoisseurs content with Prime Music’s reservoir of two million songs, the question of escalation looms. The precipice of investment rests upon the genres and artists that harmonize with individual musical sensibilities. The transition is a justifiable investment for those with diverse auditory inclinations or a penchant for indulgence. However, existing patrons of other music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or TouTube Music should calibrate their preference scales.

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