What Are The Most Popular TikTok Songs?

Music is an integral part of the TikTok social network, and many musicians flew into the top charts of other platforms in no time due to the viral popularity of the track on TikTok.

The influence of the TikTok service on modern mass culture is very difficult to describe. Because it’s just phenomenal. The most downloaded application in recent years with an audience of over 1600 million users has a clear algorithm that allows you to accurately identify the preferences of each person and give him exactly the content that he wants. It is worth talking about music in particular.

If you look at the Billboard 100, you will surely find trending songs from TikTok there. This is largely due to the fact that they have been the most popular music trends on TikTok over the past few months. What is listed on TikTok? Trap, bassy pop rap songs with a catchy hook. These are the aforementioned compositions, which quickly became viral around the world. But these are far from the only trending tracks in the app at the moment.

We open our list with one newcomer Cochise with his friendly single “Hatchback”, which also led him to a contract with Columbia. The song is widely used as part of the TikTok challenge “That Boy Sus”, as well as in anime communities.

Newcomer to the rap game StaySolidRocky rose to fame with the song “Party Girl”. It was released independently but became an instant hit on Tik Tok and made major label bosses turn their eyes to the young talent. In early 2022, StaySolidRocky signed with Columbia Records, who re-released “Party Girl” on the artist’s debut EP “Fallin”. Lil Uzi Ver. flew into the remix.

Rod Wave has become one of the brightest young characters in American rap in recent years. We even included him in our list of 13 must-listen rappers in 2022. Slow but perfect for flex, the track “Rags2Riches” became the undisputed highlight from the artist’s second album “Pray 4 Love” and unlike most of the aggressive club songs that are danced to on TikTok, Rod’s track has a relaxing soulful vibe.

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The song by Chicago producer Monte Booker and St. Louis rapper Smino, like the Kap G track, has been out for a while, but began to gain popularity on TikTok about two months ago. This happened after a rather prominent blogger @kvng.ryyy used it as an accompaniment to a dance he invented. Well, then, as usual in such cases, a chain reaction began, which continues to this day.

In 2019, Atlanta rapper Kap G released a mixtape called “El Southside” which included the song “Girlfriend”. In it, the artist, with the help of Ty Dolla $ign and Quavo of Migos, talks about taking “your girlfriend” away, a popular topic for pop jam among young rappers.

As you probably already understood, “Girlfriend” gained fame a few years after the release thanks to Tik Tok. Now thousands of people around the world are dancing to it, and it is likely that Kap G’s career will reach a new level thanks to the popularity of “Girlfriend” in the Chinese application.

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