What Are The New Features In Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify is becoming more versatile every day. The music service is developing exciting new features that make streaming music more comfortable and attract new users around the world.

Among other things, Spotify should have a party mode and an offline mode for free users. The popular music service Spotify will soon become even more versatile and, most importantly, better. The best among the best among music streaming services will be expanded with many new features that have it all.

Information has appeared on the Internet that users of the free Spotify Free plan will soon have offline mode. Previously, this was only for paid subscribers. However, there are limitations. The regime should be limited to 30 minutes a day. However, a practical innovation that should be enough for many, for example when shopping in a supermarket.

The new look of the streaming service may soon be waiting for us in the car. The music service needs to completely overhaul the CarPlay home screen. The overview should have larger tiles with recommended playlists and a redesigned navigation bar. The redesign should make it easier to manage the music streaming service while driving.

Spotify is apparently working on a new auto-update feature, especially for playlists. At the request of the subscriber, this streaming service regularly supplements existing playlists with similar songs so that the music lover does not get bored.

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In addition, there is an active development of Group sessions. This is a very handy feature for joint events. Spotify’s users can play music on another device on the same Wi-Fi network. For us, this is clearly a party mode that could work well for celebrations. Then the guests themselves become DJs and can play their favorite songs on the music system.

The Your episodes feature is especially interesting for podcast lovers. This area in the Spotify app contains episodes of your favorite podcasts that you can download with a single click if you like.

Spotify Pie will tell you which genres and songs you listen to the most and which musicians you like the most. It’s quite an effective tool, but it can only work in conjunction with your account. If you hover your mouse over a genre, your favorite musicians from that genre will also be listed. This application does not give exact numbers, only visualizing certain segments. But the user receives information about what his musical preferences are and what he likes to listen to the most. Visually, it looks much more memorable.

We do not know when all the new features will be fully officially integrated into the application for all users. But, it won’t take long. However, it cannot be ruled out that some innovations will be removed again. This happens quite often when developing new features. The new option is being tested in practice and does not prove its effectiveness, so it is simply removed.

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