What Are The Pros And Cons Of Spotify Today?

Any user who wants to try the popular Swedish music streaming service asks a similar question: what are the pros and cons of Spotify?

Despite the fact that the music platform has a huge number of positive reviews, some drawbacks can still be identified. But we will dwell only on the real problems that worry the vast majority of people. For example, we can do without discussing the design and functionality of the interface – after all, this is a matter of taste.

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Like any music streaming platform, Spotify has its advantages and disadvantages, which is quite natural.

Let’s start our review by defining and listing the advantages of this popular platform:

  1. Adding subscribers. In your account settings, you can either allow or block other people from viewing your playlists and songs. But using this option is extremely convenient, because you can send your comrades a link to your own account, and not talk separately about each available playlist.
  2. Create playlists. Spotify has a significant plus – the ability to add certain songs to thematic collections. But, what is most interesting, there are albums “Opening of the Week”, “New Products Radar” and “Mix of the Day”. As a rule, new tracks from Spotify are automatically added there, as well as music that you have actively listened to. Group playlists are also available, but only with a family subscription.
  3. Availability of official application for smartphone and computer. And the main advantages of Spotify are related to the fact that the program can be easily installed on any device, whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone. And if you stop the track on one device, synchronization will automatically work, so you can continue listening on a PC or other gadget.
  4. Recommendations. Another plus of Spotify is the track tab, which is formed by special algorithms based on your preferences. Reportedly, in the vast majority of cases, the music from the recommendations matches the taste preferences of the account owner. And if you listen to songs regularly, then each time you will find more and more melodies suitable for you.
  5. High sound quality. For example, by default, a good format for listening to songs (160 kbps) is available to any user. And if you purchase a premium subscription, then this value will be doubled – a really significant plus.
  6. But Spotify has its downsides, some of which many people can’t put up with. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list in order to understand whether you can use the service or not:
  7. Many of restrictions in the free version. Firstly, the main disadvantage is that it is possible to miss a maximum of six tracks in one hour. Secondly, you can create only 15 playlists. Thirdly, it will not be possible to save music for listening offline. What can we say about advertising, which is enough in the standard version.
  8. The song cannot be saved in MP3 format. Even account holders with a premium plan cannot do this. According to the developers, adding such a useful option is not possible due to copyright law.
  9. The lack of a tool in the official Spotify application that allows you to transfer playlists from third-party services. But you can close your eyes to this minus, since there are enough other platforms on the Internet that make it possible to copy music, for example, from Apple Music.

Now you know what are the pros and cons of Spotify and why this streaming service is appreciated by music lovers from all over the world.

After carefully studying all the advantages and disadvantages of Spotify, you can decide to switch to the Swedish streaming service or, on the contrary, to leave it, but fears of losing your music collection may stop you from making the right decision. Well, don’t worry, no problem. Transfer your playlists from one easily and quickly music service to another you can using the mousse application MusConv.

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