What Are The Spotify Free Plan Limitations?

The world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotiy, has free and paid versions. Despite the fact that free users of the service get access to a huge music library of 80 million songs and musical compositions, this version still has a number of limitations.

In fact, almost all free versions of music streaming services have similar limitations. But now we are talking specifically about Spotify, the world’s leading streaming market, which has over 450 million users, of which less than half are premium subscribers.

So what are the limitations for free users? Judging by their number and percentage with paid users, the free version of the music application is quite democratic in relation to them.

  • Spotify cannot select and play certain songs in the free plan version of the smartphone app. When searching for a song and playing it, related songs and stations will be played in random order. However, you can select songs in the desktop version of the Spotify app and the web player.
  • With the paid Premium plan, you can download your favorite songs and listen to them offline, but you cannot download them with the Free plan. Therefore, when playing Spotify music on the go, be careful about the connection volume and try to listen as much as possible in an environment with Wi-Fi.
  • When playing songs on a Free plan, there may be audio ads between songs that last about 30 seconds. If you don’t want to be interrupted by ads, upgrade to a Premium plan to enjoy ad-free music.
  • The Premium plan allows unlimited passes, but the free plan has a limit of 6 passes per hour. Also, you can’t move the song’s playback position to any place you like. So even if a song you don’t really like is playing, you won’t be able to skip it if it’s over the limit, so be careful.
  • The Premium plan allows you to set the bitrate up to 320 kbps, while the free plan only allows you to set the bit rate up to 160 kbps. If you don’t really care about sound quality, then this is hardly a problem, but if you want to enjoy music with the best sound quality, we recommend upgrading to a Premium plan.

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The Free plan of Spotify has limitations such as the inability to select favorite songs in the smartphone version of the app and the inclusion of ads, but compared to the free plans of other services, it can be said that the degree of freedom in terms of functionality is high.

Many music streaming services that have more songs than Spotify don’t have ads and can be played on demand (selected songs), but the downside is that it can’t playfully. On the other hand, Spotify is good for listening to music because you can listen to all the songs in full even on the free plan.

What’s special about Spotify’s Free plan is that all distributed songs and playlists can be fully played without time limits. The version of the app for smartphones and other devices only supports shuffle playback, and you cannot select songs, but it is suitable for situations where you listen to music like a radio.

Spotify’s Free plan has audio ads. The income generated from these advertisements is returned to the artist as a license fee. You can listen to music for free on Spotify.

Spotify’s free trial is limited to one per account.

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