What Are The Top 10 Songs Of All Time?

Of course, one can argue almost endlessly about which songs are the best. But everyone has their own musical priorities and their own taste. And inexorable statistics can give a more or less accurate answer to the question about the most popular songs of the past years.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – QUEEN. Perhaps the most amazing song ever performed, utterly captivating lyrically and extremely innovative musically, thanks to the Queen band and Freddie Mercury in particular. The lyrical chorus of this masterpiece could have turned out to be a divine tear squeezer, but Fredy went much further, creating something inaccessible to understanding that still looks and sounds incredibly fresh and unusual.

IMAGINE – JOHN LENNON. The Imagine song is just brilliant. This song is for all time, it has changed the world, becoming the anthem of mankind. How much better the world would be if we all just heard what Lennon sang about. Truly inspiring lyrics to unleash your ingrained notions about life, conflict and division. It should definitely be heard by those who are going to go to heaven. The best love song is not for one, but for all people who live as one.

SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT – NIRVANA. Kurt Cobain will forever be remembered by us for this particular song. The history of rock is inconceivable without Nirvana, and it deserves to be remembered by another generation. As befits the best song, it energizes us to strive for the best. And it’s just a classic of the genre.

LOSE YOURSELF – EMINEM. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of turnip or can’t stand it, no one has the right to deny this masterpiece its cult status. It was with the hit Lose Yourself that Eminem’s career began – perhaps the best rapper of all time.

BILLIE JEAN – MICHAEL JACKSON. If you haven’t heard Billie Jean, you’re probably from another planet, or you’re just completely uninterested in what’s going on around you. This song definitely should have appeared among the leaders of the rating, because it is so timeless that it is not even surprising when it is resurrected in modern hit parades. Many consider this song to be the best song of the past century. But this is purely a matter of musical taste.

LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER – BON JOVI. Everyone who hears it is as if returning to the 80s in which this song was born. It’s amazing how long ago it was, but the song is still viral, and here and there, we hear it again and again.

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NUMB – LINKIN PARK. This song alone cannot be denied – it is performed at the peak of emotionality. Anyone would lose their voice just by trying to sing it. This song was really addictive. Linkin Park and Numb are forever in our hearts.

LET IT BE – THE BEATLES. The sweetest and best song of its time. But it’s definitely the most beautiful song written by the Beatles. In fact, everything to love about the Beatles is captured in this song. All in all, this is a cult classic that is impossible not to love.

MY IMMORTAL – EVANESCENCE. Surprisingly lyrical and at the same time infinitely emotional, penetrating to the very core and pleasing to the ear. It’s all about her – My Immortal – one of the greatest songs of all time. For many, she is number one, and singer Amy Lee seems to have one of the best voices.

ZOMBIE – THE CRANBERRIES. There is not the slightest doubt that most people around the globe have heard this song at least once. The performer – Irish singer Dolores O’Riordan – died at the age of 47 right in the studio while recording a new composition. The Zombie song was so successful that it set the rest of her hits far behind, making The Cranberries virtually a one-song band.

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