What Are The Top-5 Songs Of 2022?

Everyone who cannot imagine their life without music tries to be in trend and closely follow the musical fashion and its novelties. Yes, and just want to listen to modern and popular music.

But how can you track the rating of songs? Music streaming services, such as Sweden’s Spotify, present a 2022 popular music ranking based on rotation data, as well as user votes for a particular song.

You can listen to music online absolutely free of charge, without any restrictions and stops. For convenience, music 2022 is divided into categories: popular, new, dance, for the soul, etc. Thanks to this playlist, you can identify your favorite songs. Some may even surprise you. In any case, it will be interesting to see which songs were listened to the most.

The rating of songs is constantly updated. As a rule, this is the TOP-100 songs section. Accordingly, the leaders of the rating will be at the very top of this list. As a rule, all tracks are included in the rating without segmentation according to the musical genres to which they belong. But there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the leaders of the ratings for certain musical genres. To do this, open the appropriate section.

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If we talk about the overall rating, then the Top-5 songs of 2022 look like this:

1. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, Yuna.

2. This Will Be Our Year, The Zombies.

3. Grow, Satsang.

4. Raise Your Glass, P!

5.999, Selena Gomez feat.

Recall that, one might say, averaged information, because each music streaming service compiles its own ratings of performers. There are lists that include the first five, ten, twenty or even one hundred songs that are the most popular at the moment. Please note that ratings are constantly updated.

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