What Artists Are Only On Apple Music?

There are many artists and singers who are very popular in the music industry. They have made their methods and ways known to fans and people all over the world. The talent they create finds many supporters who continue to love all the songs and albums they make.

Many of these most famous artists are actually Apple Music exclusives. Now the main idea is that Apple Music will offer exclusive albums for select artists to encourage more subscribers and users to pay and earn premiums.

Apple Music has always positioned itself as a music streaming service that has a lot of exclusive music content that music lovers can’t find anywhere else.

What Artists Are Only On Apple Music

Apple songs and albums are actually protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection preventing users from downloading all songs directly from the app. Also, you can’t share the song because the protection also prevents the user from playing the song on unauthorized devices.

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So, here are a few artists that are only on Apple Music:

1. The first of the most famous Apple Music-only lists is the Views From The 6 album. It was actually a very popular album by a famous rapper named Drake. From creators to producers, there are a huge number of people behind them. The 22 songs from the album have been recorded approximately 24.5 billion times worldwide. This album was actually considered to be one of the best and best albums of all time. This album was released during the early days and aired exclusively with Apple Music.

2. Who doesn’t know who Britney Spears is? Apple Music was also good because many of her fans had her album called “Glory” as well as part of the Apple Music Exclusive. This album was released in 2016.

3. An album called “Endless” by Frank Ocean is the next album on the list. Frank, known as one of the leading R&B artists, was the author of this amazing album. It was also part of Apple Music’s most famous exclusive.

The streaming service from the Cupertino corporation has a lot more exclusive music that music lovers can enjoy.

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