What artists aren't on TIDAL?

The music industry is getting more and more influential sphere. Millions of children and teenagers around the world want to become famous performers. Their idols – popular singers whose tracks can be heard at every turn. That’s why young people represent the majority of the audience of streaming services. Tidal application is not an exception either.

What artists aren't on TIDAL?

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The owners of the service inform that they have an audience of approximately 3 million people up to date. The streaming service Tidal is aimed for audiophiles, and it’s truly the most appropriate application for them. But when choosing a music provider, people usually pay attention not only to sound quality but also to whether their favorite artists are available or not.

The music library of the service has more than 60 million tracks. Moreover, subscribers may enjoy music videos, the number of which is about 250 thousand. Of course, it is impossible to list all of the artists, which are available in this streaming service. But let’s try to reply the question: what artists aren’t on TIDAL?

There are many information on the Internet from various artists about what they think about TIDAL. Of course, there are some people who say that they don’t want to post their songs on TIDAL. These artists include Lily Allen, Marina & the Diamonds, Ben Gibbard, and others. The reasons for that are numerous but the main ones are:

  • overpriced subscriptions;
  • personal beliefs about the streaming world;
  • dislike from the service owners.

Also, it is hardly ever to find aspiring or little-known artists on Tidal. Furthermore, people often discuss that some tracks may not be available in some other countries. It is still unclear what is the reason for this.

Despite the absence of some pereformers on this service, it is ready to offer you many other advantages. For music fan of appreciate quality, there are a lot of positive moments:

  • availability of exclusive content from top singers;
  • FLAC and MQA sound quality;
  • all new tracks from artist-owners appear in Tidal earlier than in other services.

As for subscription prices, they are indeed slightly above average. So, a regular Premium with regular sound quality will cost you $9.99 only. If you want to enjoy FLAC and MQA then be prepared to pay $19.99.

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