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What bitrate is Tidal Hi-Fi?

Streaming music services have presented an incredible opportunity to listen to legitimate music content easily, quickly, conveniently, and inexpensively enough. It is possible to say that these applications are trying to displace the classic ways of music production from the market gradually. Modern music platforms became the next step in the development of digital music distribution, and they have rapidly taken their place in the lives of millions of music lovers.

What bitrate is Tidal Hi-Fi

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Nowadays, every self-respecting IT giant has its own streaming service:

  • Apple Music;
  • Amazon Prime Music;
  • Yandex. Music, etc.

All of these services offer equal catalogs of compressed music. There is no sense in discussing every application in detail because they all perform almost equal functions. That is why now we will discuss the one-of-a-kind music service Tidal that offers high-quality content.

So, Tidal is the popular music platform owned by the American rapper known as Jay Z, and this app focuses on a high-quality level. All music is available in lossless FLAC format, and since early 2017, albums in MQA quality have started to appear. The desktop of Tidal works perfectly with external DACs. It is possible to work with a DAC in exclusive mode, bypassing the system mixer and the possible OS re-selection as well as extraneous sounds from other programs. If the DAC supports the MQA format, it can be configured to stream without decoding. Otherwise, the Tidal application can decode music itself.

Let’s now examine the types of subscriptions to get access to this platform. So, Tidal offers the Premium and the Hi-Fi versions of subscription. The Premium package allows listeners unrestricted access to its music library with the same format and bitrate as competitors’ apps offer. What can we say about the Hi-Fi version? What bitrate is Tidal Hi-Fi? Well, this subscription gives users access to high-quality sound with a bit rate of 1411kbps (44.1 kHz/16 bit.) Certainly, the figures are impressive but you have to pay $19.99 for this pleasure.

Despite the many advantages, Tidal has a few drawbacks. There is no integration with speakers. Also, according to some users, there is no necessity in the recommendation service. However, if it’s not so important to you and you’re willing to pay for the great sound, then try using this platform.

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The MusConv service can help you to transfer saved music content (tracks, albums, playlists, etc.) from one music streaming service to another. All you need to do is download this application, register, and start testing a free trial period.