What Brought DJ Khalid To The Top

Recently, the name DJ Khaled has been on everyone’s lips, which no one had heard of before. If you briefly describe who he is, then you can fit it all in one sentence: “one of those few artists who made a name for himself.” Who is he and how did he manage to blow up all the music charts with his hits?

Khaled Mohamed Khaled is a man who truly appreciates the little things in life. But as soon as we look at his newly acquired $11 million mansion at 90210, we immediately remember that Khaled also appreciates big things. There are two Rolls-Royce Wraiths on the driveway of the mansion, one black and one blue.

There is no such thing as “middle ground” in Khaled’s life. There is also no boundary between his production career and personal life. That line has blurred a little since he became a Snapchat star.

Khaled’s greatest blessing is his 7-month-old son, Asahd (Arabic for Lion), who became the centerpiece of his father’s tenth album, Grateful.

Khaled has recorded joint tracks with the top stars, including Rihanna, Drake, Big Sean. His albums also feature legendary collaborations with BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z, as well as the already acclaimed rap-pop crossover “I’m the One” with Justin Bieber. When this single topped the Billboard Hot 100, Khaled celebrated it on his Instagram by wearing swimming trunks and making the most serious (as far as possible) face, and then spraying five bottles of champagne on the lawn.

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Khaled is the living embodiment of triumph over his difficult childhood. Khaled’s parents are Palestinian immigrants who fled occupied Israel with $200 in their pockets. He spent his childhood in New Orleans, where he helped his parents sell clothes from his van at a flea market. They turned an ordinary family trade into a real “empire” of clothing stores located throughout Orlando. But after an IRS audit, that empire collapsed, forcing young Khaled to take on any job to somehow stay afloat. A refined work ethic, after all, is the only thing that distinguishes Khaled’s demeanor and attitude.

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