What countries is SoundCloud available in?

SoundCloud is one of the most popular in 2021 goals of music streaming services. He began his work back in 2008 in Berlin and it was originally planned to create a site that would allow musicians to exchange tracks among themselves, but later the project was transformed into a full-fledged musical distribution channel. Since then, he has become one of the leaders in the global streaming music market. But users from far from all countries can get legal access to it.

Today, the service is officially opened in only three dozen countries. But this does not prevent the inhabitants of most countries of the world from using its services. Although in certain countries this service is banned. For example, it cannot be legally listened to on the territory of mainland China, in Kazakhstan and in Kyrgyzstan, in some countries of the Middle East.

countries is SoundCloud available in

Since it is China that is the tidiest piece for figures in the global streaming music industry due to the huge population and the development of the Internet, the service administration has even issued a special instruction for its potential users from the Middle Kingdom, which tells in detail how to circumvent the blocking of the service by the authorities of this country.

The Chinese firewall is the most complex in the world, and it is almost impossible to get around it. The firewall filters keywords, blocks websites, and monitors all Internet user activity. It allows only content that complies with the policies and regulations of the Chinese government.

But this situation is not observed in all countries. In most of them, it is enough to enable the VPN application and choose the country in which the SoundCloud works legally as the country of registration of the new account. But do not forget that you will have to pay for a premium subscription for service services at the rates that are set for this country. Therefore, it is worth looking at where the price is lower. The list of countries in which the service operates officially is posted on its official website.

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It should be said that the service is available in all countries that are members of the European Union, since the laws of this interstate association do not provide for blocking such sites, and in general, only a few sites of a frankly hostile direction can be blocked in the EU.

So, a relatively small list of countries where the SoundCloud legally works is compensated by the possibility of registering accounts with new users from countries in which the service is not officially opened. And therefore, every day the number of active users of the SoundCloud constantly increases.

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