What DAW Does Kanye West Use?

The popular American rapper Kanye West has long been the idol of hundreds of millions of music fans. His name not only does not leave the main pages of the yellow press, being associated with many scandals, but is also constantly mentioned in the context of a divorce from the mega-popular American socialite and billionaire Kimberly Kardashian.

But such a reputation only increases the popularity of Kanye West. Not only did he become the most nominated artist for the Grammy Award and the richest winner, he is also considered the richest artist in the world. Kanye West’s capital is estimated, according to various estimates, from 1.8 to 3 billion dollars. Yes, Kanye is also a successful businessman who is part of the club of world billionaires and his name is in the relevant sections of Forbes magazine.

But how does Kanye West create his music with his team and what equipment and software does he use?

Music equipment experts claim that Kanye West often does not use a DAW at all when creating his tracks. It uses hardware to sample, record and add beats. At the same time, his music, so to speak, is more natural, which, among other things, attracts fans.

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But some sources who were at Kanye West’s concerts backstage, not in the auditorium, claim that the popular rapper’s team still uses Pro Tools and FL Studio. Basically, these are the best DAWs for hip-hop and rap.

The fact is that each DAW has its own characteristics. In addition to the price, there are many more parameters that beginner DJs should consider and which they are not always aware of. Each DAW has its own specifics. For example, on one it will be better to create pop music, and on the other – rap.

It’s likely that Kanye West’s team is using other kinds of DAWs as well. So far, the world rap star has not said a word about what exactly he uses. It is possible that he is waiting for offers from manufacturers, since just a few words spoken by Kanye in support of a particular DAW, mentioning its use, will instantly raise the level of sales. And Kanye West is unlikely to advertise for free.

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