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What Deezer's Content Library Holds?

In the realm of digital music streaming, one name has emerged as a heavyweight contender with a content library that’s turning heads – Deezer. This platform, often mentioned in the same breath as Spotify and YouTube Music, has amassed an astounding 90 million music tracks in its vast digital vault. But the richness of Deezer’s offerings doesn’t stop there; it extends to podcasts, radio shows, and even audiobooks, creating a comprehensive entertainment package that’s capturing the attention of global audiences.

For podcast enthusiasts, Deezer stands as a beacon of diversity. With a podcast presence available worldwide, the platform offers a treasure trove of knowledge, storytelling, and entertainment for eager ears. Radio shows, a timeless source of auditory engagement, have also found a home on Deezer’s platform, available in key regions including the UK, US, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, South Africa, and Spain.

While music may be Deezer’s heartbeat, its embrace extends to the spoken word as well. Audiobook aficionados can find solace in this library, though currently limited to Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. To cater to German listeners’ audiobook cravings, the platform even offers a standalone app called Audiobooks by Deezer, available on both Android and iOS devices.

The ‘Explore’ section on the desktop app and ‘Search’ on mobile devices offer a gateway to a staggering 32 music genres, ranging from the rhythms of Arabic melodies to the grandeur of cinematic Soundtracks. However, the richness goes beyond mere categories. Deezer’s curated playlists for activities like workouts, mood enhancements, and celebrations simplify navigation through this musical labyrinth.

For those thirsty for the latest chart-toppers, Deezer’s extensive licensing agreements with major record labels ensure an up-to-the-minute musical experience. Yet, it’s not just mainstream music that finds a home here. Indie music devotees can revel in a dedicated Indie section teeming with carefully curated content, a testament to Deezer’s commitment to catering to diverse musical tastes.

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The platform’s innovative ‘Midnight Mixtapes’ playlists add a layer of allure. Curated by indie artists themselves, these playlists provide an intimate connection to the artists’ creative psyche – a feature that sets Deezer apart from its peers.
Original content shines on Deezer, showcased through ‘Deezer Sessions,’ which delivers exclusive live performances and jam sessions by a variety of artists. This commitment to originality further bolsters Deezer’s standing as a content hub that strives to transcend conventions.

The podcast landscape on Deezer paints an engaging picture with 160,000 podcast titles on offer. While its library might not match the gargantuan repositories of Spotify or Pandora, there’s an array of popular titles spanning across 44 categories, from business insights to spine-chilling narratives. With over 100 titles from prestigious networks such as BBC, TED, and CNBC, Deezer caters to both curious minds and seasoned podcast enthusiasts.

As we tread the waters of Deezer’s content ocean, it’s worth noting that its expansive radio feature offers over 32,000 stations, a boon for radio traditionalists. The platform’s commitment to holistic content delivery even extends to ASMR enthusiasts and seekers of tranquil experiences, with nature sounds playlists designed to soothe and destress.

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