What DJ Equipment Will A DJ Need In 2022

Since its inception, DJing has changed dramatically. Initially, all that the DJ had was two players, a DJ mixer, and real virtuosos of mixing tracks and hip-hop DJing with scratches and beat juggling trained on such simple equipment.

Many aspiring DJs have a lot of respect and awe for the old school and would love to learn how to play traditional turntables. In this case, most often the main problem is the availability of vinyl, because the cost of one record can reach up to $100 and even exceed this amount.

But digital technologies do not stand still, and today you can get the best of both worlds: learn how to work with classic turntables without breaking a ton of vinyl. This became possible with the advent of digital vinyl systems (DVS).

Digital Vinyl System. The digital vinyl system consists of a DJ mixer, two turntables and two digital vinyl records with so-called timecodes. These are special marks applied to the record in the same way as music was previously recorded. Accordingly, DVS systems use timecode records and a sound card that reads the timecode signal, processes it, and then passes that information to a DJ software on the computer, which in turn sends the audio signal back to the mixer, which is then played from the speakers.

The most popular DVS are Traktor, Serato and Rekordbox. They provide approximately the same opportunities and allow you to use both digital music and classic vinyl. DVS is best for those who want to pay homage to the original DJ craft with a modern digital twist.

No DJ can do without headphones, no matter how talented he may be. They are required in order to listen to a track that is planned to be mixed with what is currently playing. As with any rule, there are exceptions to this too, but they only confirm what has been said.

Choose the headphones that suit your tastes, but before you make your final choice, make sure that they meet several important, but non-obvious parameters.

  1. First, pay attention to the cable. For DJing, headphones with a coiled cable are best suited. This makes it easy to move around the equipment without the risk of stepping on the cable and damaging the headphones.
  2. The second significant parameter is the overall sound volume and bass response. It is critical that the DJ be able to hear the rhythmic pattern of the composition in any setting.
  3. The third parameter is the strength and convenience of the design. Headphones with thin temples or a lot of protruding elements are likely to not fit well and will fail very soon. It is best to use headphones with a durable wide headband covered with soft material, large cups with ear cushions that completely encircle the ear.

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As a good example that combines all of the above, we can recommend the Numark Red Wave Carbon headphones. Speakers are another critical piece of DJ equipment. We are not talking now about powerful speakers installed in a club or at a concert venue. For home use and training, you will need small monitor speakers.

Luckily, there are so many options right now, right down to the computer speakers you might already have in stock. We recommend choosing speakers according to your pocket, giving preference to models with a built-in amplifier, the so-called active speakers. Try listening to them in a store to appreciate the overall volume and bass response.

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