What DJ Software Works With Hercules?

The use of devices for music mixing and professional or amateur DJing has made a huge breakthrough in the music industry. Now, in order to become a DJ, there is no need to buy very expensive equipment and learn how to use it correctly for a long time. Companies associated with the music industry offer a huge selection of both equipment for DJing and software for its trouble-free and efficient operation.

Hercules DJ is one of the most affordable and quality options for DJing equipment. If you’re just getting started with this amazing feature set, it’s time to install the necessary DJUCED drivers and software to use Hercules DJ on your Windows PC. It is the process of first installing the appropriate driver so that Hercules DJ can be recognized by the PC, and then installing the DJUCED DJ software. In the last step, you can access the Hercules home page and register for a genuine product and user registration.

DJUCED DJ is an integral part of Hercules DJ. Hercules DJ drivers are Air Bulk and ASIO. If you install both of these drivers, you can automatically recognize and use Hercules DJ in Windows. Basically, this is an essential workflow for a Windows PC to recognize files.

Functions that cannot be assigned in their basic version in the Hercules DJ cabinet and feature set are supported by the software, allowing you to mix music more conveniently. It also has a feature that allows you to record and save a mixed audio source as an audio file. If there is a newer program than the version on the CD, it will be downloaded from the Internet and installed automatically.

Due to the nature of music mixing, in order for this music to be recorded, there must be two decks and a mixer. The DJUCED DJ software has a similar structure with the decks on the left and right respectively.

At the bottom, music can be assigned to decks A and B, respectively, and features and buttons not found in the Hercules DJ cabinet are provided in the software to enable mixing with more diverse features.

Hercules DJ uses the DJUCED DJ software to mix sound sources, re-record them and save them as WAV music files, so the DJUCED DJ software usually controls the main functions.

To mix two songs, you need to select a song. To select a song, select the last folder containing music from the folder menu at the bottom of the DJUCED DJ software.

When you select a song and play it, the album art is displayed in the center, and the playing time and the end time of the song are displayed together. This screen is displayed during music playback.

To mix music, you need to enter the screen below, where you can select music and apply various effects, which are many in the DJUCED DJ software. If you click on the square part with the mouse, you will enter a selection window where you can select a music file.

Hercules DJ can work in 3 modes:

  1. Loops
  2. Effects
  3. Samples

Since the ultimate goal is to mix two songs, or rather, by inserting various effects into the tracks of the sound source, DJUCED DJ will be the most efficient and compatible software.

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