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What do you do when your Apple Music keeps pausing in 2022?

It probably makes you mad when you want to relax with a cup of fragrant tea and your favorite songs on Apple Music after a hard working day but suddenly the tracks start pausing automatically and randomly without any reason. Your mood is getting worse, and you want to throw your phone against the wall. Does this situation sound familiar?

What do you do when your Apple Music keeps pausing in 2022?

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In fact, it’s okay if Apple Music keeps pausing in 2022 because its performance depends not only on the app itself but also on a number of other factors, among them:

  • your iPhone model is old and does not support the Apple Music App already;
  • the iOS version doesn’t match with the app;
  • the app needs to be updated to the latest version;
  • – there is too little free memory on your device.

These are the most popular problems that prevent the app on your device from functioning properly.

So, what do you do when your Apple Music keeps pausing in 2022?

First, restart your device. Most of the time this method works because after the restart, minor problems are solved. Use this primitive but effective tip whenever your device is pausing.

As we have already pointed out, it could be a problem with the Apple Music app. Try to update it to the latest version or uninstall the application and then download it again.

Very often automatic pauses in the middle of track playback are caused by connection problems. Try fixing the problem or connecting to another network.

If you listen to music with wireless headphones, this can also cause the songs to pause. If Bluetooth is turned on, it may find other devices that are not far from you and try to connect to them. Try turning it off.

It may be a matter of the songs that are currently playing. If the tracks are damaged, it could cause random pausing. If this music file is downloaded, delete it and do it again.

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If after following these recommendations, the problem is not solved, it is better to go to the service center, where managers will point out the problem and help you to solve it. But before doing so, do not forget to transfer all your music content from Apple Music to other streaming services with the help of the special application MusConv, in order not to lose all your music.