What Do You Do When Your Apple Music Keeps Pausing?

There are probably few music lovers who will criticize the music streaming apps of Apple Music. This development of the corporation from Cupertino is very perfect, Apple Music is ideal for the Apple gadget ecosystem, has a huge music library that has more than 70 million tracks and works in most countries of the world. A serious disadvantage of Apple Music is the lack of a free version. For a small fee, users get access to many powerful features that make listening to streaming music enjoyable.

Well, Apple Music has problems. In particular, many users complain that the application periodically freezes and makes uncontrolled pauses, which greatly interfere with listening to streaming music. What could be the reasons for such errors in work and how to deal with them?

As the first reason for errors in the work, consider the lack of updates in the application. Apple Music releases updates all the time. If the version that is installed on your device has not been updated for a long time, it may not work correctly. Therefore, update to the latest version of the application.

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Your device is running an old operating system that no longer receives updates – this may be another reason for Apple Music not working properly. Whatever version of the application is installed on your gadget, it may simply be incompatible with the version of the operating system that you have. The solution is simple – update your operating system to a more modern one.

Remove unnecessary data that interferes with the application. To do this, open the application and go to the storage, select the cache and clear it. The cache consists of a lot of unnecessary information and all kinds of garbage that interferes with the stable operation of any application.

Restart your device. To do this, turn it off completely, wait a few minutes, which will take a full system recovery, and then turn on the device. Launch the Apple Music app and check if it works correctly for a while.

And the most effective option, if all of the above do not help, will be to remove and install a new application. Don’t forget your username and password, because in the new application you will have to log into your account again. All payment details and payments already made will be saved, so don’t worry.

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