What Do You Need To Know When Buying Beats

Today, the sale and purchase of beats has become a lucrative segment of the music industry. And this is not surprising, because bits are the same commodity as, for example, cryptocurrency. But, as with any product on the market, when buying and selling beats, you should know the basic rules and strictly adhere to them.

It is worth clarifying whether any licenses were previously issued for the bit you are purchasing. Beatmakers set their own rates and rates. These rates apply to the sale of exclusive copyrights to the beats. In this case, non-exclusive licenses can be sold to other people, which is a long-established common commercial practice that is quite legal.

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Rights of a personal nature can never be transferred. No one can, even with the permission of the author and the payment of a fee, impersonate the creator of a work that does not belong to him. The author may, at the most, request anonymity, ie. publications without indicating their name or under a pseudonym.

If the issued licenses remain valid when the exclusive right is transferred, the buyer must be informed about this. It should also affect the price. Well, in general it is difficult to call it an exclusive in its purest form.

If you want to buy a beat in such a way that only you have it, the lawyer advises to conclude an agreement on the transfer of exclusive rights and include in the agreement a condition similar to the following: the author does not retain the exclusive right to a musical work, performance and phonogram (Beat). The Author understands that he is not entitled to use, issue licenses or otherwise dispose of the rights to the Bit after the conclusion of the Agreement. The Author assures and confirms that he has all the rights and permissions to conclude and execute the Agreement, did not provide any third parties with the rights and permissions in relation to the Bit, including under the terms of a non-exclusive license until the date of conclusion of the Agreement.

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The acquirer relies entirely on the assurances of the author’s circumstances. If the author violates this condition, the acquirer has the right to demand that the author pay a penalty.

The more famous the beatmaker and the list of those with whom he collaborated, the more he values ​​​​his reputation. The beatmaker also advises paying attention to the cost of the beat. If a rapper goes into public with 10 subscribers, and they sell beats for a few cents that sound cool, then it’s quite natural that this is already some kind of inconsistency.

Another tip for those who buy beats is to ask for a video file with the project of this beat when buying a beat. In this case, we mean a multitrack in DAW format. If the beatmaker says that the project may be needed when uploading the beat to the sites, but the person who uploads the beat may be asked to provide a video file with the beat project or a license agreement from the person who uploads the beat.

When buying beats, always check the reliability of the beatmaker. This process is similar to the recommendations on how to protect yourself from scammers when buying any product on the Internet: you need to look at the period of registration of the seller’s account, reviews on it and a list of previous sales.

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