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What do you need to remix a song?

We’re sure that most of you think that in order to make a quality remix you need to have expensive hardware and applications to create remixes, a special room, or at least a music education.

What do you need to remix a song?

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Of course, all these factors are very important, but, in fact, it’s much easier. In this era of hi-tech developments, we have access to all the benefits of humanity, so, there’s no need to spend a fortune to produce a single track. So, what do you need to remix a song?

It all seems so complicated at the beginning, but really, all you need is a laptop or even your phone (the second option is not entirely convenient, but if it’s a way for you to have fun, then you can try it).

Download a free version of the software that matches the version of your device and find the tutorial channels on YouTube you like the best (The Producer School, Hyperbits, LHB Music). The video tutorials will teach you the style of remix that you like and the level of difficulty that suits you.

So, first you need to find the audio tracks from the original project file. If you’re a beginner, it all seems complicated, but in fact, you can easily find them on the remix contests, DJ Pools, and sample packs. The resources such as Loopmasters or Splice, or many other websites will provide you with literally everything you need to make a remix; and to add vocals to your remix go to platforms such as Acapellas4U, DJ City, and BPM Supreme. That’s true. What’s more, the tracks and sounds on such resources are copyright-free. So, you can use them with a clear conscience.

Also, a great way to find stems is through remix competitions, where artists often submit platforms with existing stems.

But you must remember two main things:

  1. Trial version functions may not be enough for you if you decide to go in-depth with remixes.
  2. If you want to share the remix of a world-famous artist with a very wide audience, you will probably need permission from the label.

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We hope you can use our tips to create your first remix or discover something new. And when you’ve created a hit you want to share with the world, you may need help from the MusConv platform. This useful resource helps you transfer songs, videos, playlists, and more from one music streaming service to another. For people who can’t imagine their life without music, a resource like this is a must. So do not waste time and enjoy all the modern innovations.