What Do Your Musical Tastes Say?

Tell me what you’re listening to and I’ll tell you who you are. We ourselves, of course, are unlikely to say – but expert psychologists will be able to answer. Music plays an important role in human life. Therefore, many researchers are interested in how musical preferences develop and how they relate to other personality traits such as openness to experience and need for influence. There are several important factors that shape these preferences.

Within the already formed musical taste, the choice depends on the emotional state at a particular moment, on the mood and situation. We evaluate a song as pleasant if our interpretation of the idea coincides with the one that was laid down by the author.

Music streaming services are already fully using artificial intelligence to determine the musical preferences of a particular user. In particular, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify has become a pioneer in this area.

Many believe that you can recognize a person well by musical tastes, and also that antisocial aggressors listen to rock, and classical lovers are snobs and bores.

If you’re a top 40 listener and can easily sing along to the latest tracks by Rihanna and Flo Rida, chances are you’re extroverted, honest, and traditional. Although pop music lovers rarely show themselves as creative people, they are truly hardworking and responsibility for them is not an empty phrase.

If Snoop Dogg and Eminem are your style, then, despite the stereotype about the harshness and aggressiveness of lovers of such music, scientists have not found any confirmation of this. Usually these are people with high self-esteem, easily making contact.

People who prefer country music can be safely called hardworking, sympathetic and simple. While country songs are often about heartbreak and heartbreak, their fans show great emotional resilience.

Despite the aggressive and often inadequate image that has stuck to rock lovers, fans of this musical direction are rather soft in nature. They tend to be creative, there are many introverts among them, and they often suffer from low self-esteem.

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Fans of the indie genre know how to appreciate loneliness, they gravitate towards everything intellectual and creative. According to the researchers, they can hardly be called disciplined or soft-hearted people. Often they are passive, restless and not too confident.

There are many introverts among classical music lovers, but at the same time, such people know how to find inner harmony and get along with the outside world. They love creativity, and they have a well-developed self-esteem.

People who enjoy listening to jazz and blues music have shown themselves to be extroverts with fairly high self-esteem. They also tend to be creative, to shine with erudition, but at the same time to be completely at ease.

As you can see, the analysis of musical tastes can tell a lot about a person. Of course, this is far from the defining parameter of his personality. But musical tastes are formed in childhood and early youth. And it is not for nothing that psychologists say that we all come from childhood.

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