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What Does 360 Mean On Tidal?

The Norwegian music streaming service Tidal is rightfully considered the leader of the global streaming market in terms of sound quality. So far, no one has been able to beat this platform in terms of the quality of music content. This is a music streaming service for true music lovers who have the desire and means to enjoy it at its best.

Sony’s 360 Reality audio technology has recently emerged to recreate live music, enhancing soundtracks for immersive sound. Tidal actively adopted it.

Hi-Res Audio is growing steadily, the Tidal Hi-Res soundtrack reaches the Masters level, and Amazon has released over half a million lossless CD quality songs at the Amazon Music HD level.

But Sony 360 Reality Audio specifically tries to give a different flavor to accessible music, going beyond flow and sonic detail, filling the surrounding space with the feeling of music.

Spotify’s lack of support isn’t surprising, since the sprawling streaming service still relies on mp3 audio (requiring less data to stream) rather than high quality. resolution, and while you’d expect better sound from a music streaming service, there seem to be a lot of people willing to give it to you.

360 Reality Audio has become a new high-definition music format. The main highlight of this format is the possibility of spatial perception of sound. It seems to the listener that the sound is just around him, it spreads and flows from all sides.

360 Reality Audio uses what is known as “object-oriented audio”, which means that when the recorded audio is encoded, additional data, called metadata, is stored that describes the microphone’s position in the 3D sound field.

Music streaming service Tidal is trying to move forward with providing better sound to its subscribers. It is quite natural that 360 Reality Audio could not remain without his attention.

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Today, playback of master music in this format will be available on regular services such as Tidal and Deezer. In both cases, you will need a paid subscription to listen to the correct tracks.

Perhaps the best thing about the Sony 360 Reality Audio is that you don’t have to buy a new kit if you don’t want to listen through the speakers. That’s because Sony says its new platform will work with any headset. Sure, you’ll get better results with the best headphones, but the magic happens in the coding, not the headphones.

Tidal launched a new feature that became a popular innovation. Today, the Norwegian streaming platform can provide its subscribers with a truly massive music library of over 80 million songs. Of course, not all of them can be listened to in 360 Reality Audio format.

To listen to a track in this quality and with similar effects, it is necessary that the original recording itself be of high quality and be recorded in compliance with certain requirements. There is simply no point in listing these requirements here, there are many of them and they are quite specific.

However, for now, it is Tidal who uses this technology to increase the number of its subscribers and attract true music lovers. And this is undoubtedly one of its main competitive advantages.

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