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What does a music curator do?

Are you dreaming about interesting work online? Have you already decided to ditch your dull office but still don’t know what an online profession to choose? It’s really complicated to make the right choice as the internet is full of attractive fresh proposals. However, we know what job will appeal to your soul for sure!

What does a music curator do

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Have you ever heard about music curators? It’s a creative talented person who builds different professional playlists on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and other services.

You may be interested in the question: “What does a music curator do?” Let’s figure it out together.

The main task of a music curator is to listen to the music submitted by different artists. As usual, novice musicians do it quite often. However, it’s not his only responsibility. In addition to the main task, a curator has to organize songs into playlists, categorize tunes by genre, feel, instrumentation, and some other features. What is more, this specialist needs to update the playlists regularly and keep the song selection relevant to the playlist’s theme. This regular checking helps him to keep followers and listeners engaged.

If you wouldn’t like to work online, you can try to work as a music curator offline. Do you think that it’s impossible? We have another opinion! Music curation is not only about the online sphere. It also concerns processes of planning the right musical pairing between a place or brand for commercial clients.

All in all, it’s an interesting profession that can bring you desired income. You can start to work as a music curator on one platform. Sometime later, you can try to work on different platforms at the same time.

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However, it may be very time-consuming to create each playlist on a new service. Nevertheless, we know how to solve this problem. Just install the useful application MusConv. It’s a special service that can help you to transport all music content from one platform to another. Don’t lose your time on tunes transporting. Spend your time making money..