What Does Avid Cost?

Real-time video editing programs are becoming more popular every day. And this is easy to explain, because video technology is developing, more and more new streaming video services are appearing, every day YouTube and TikTok are increasingly popular. While a few years ago such programs were in demand, mainly among video editing professionals and film industry workers, today every newcomer seeks to create his own channel and his own well-mounted video.

But such programs, as a rule, cost significant money. AVID Media Composer is one of the most popular real-time video editing and editing applications.

A standard package for Avid Standard users will cost $385 in a permanent, perpetual license option at this time. But this is the price only during the first year of use of the program. From the second year of use, it will cost $499 a year.

If the user goes to the two-year Media Composer Ultimate subscription option, then this option will cost him $549. This loyalty program, which is often used by those who are engaged in video editing at an amateur and, especially, professional level. Avid Premium Cloud Plan is available from $4.99. US $ a month, less than $60 a year.

What Does Avid Cost

Among the new products offered by the seventh edition editor Avid Media Composer, we can find others. A FrameFlex tool that allows you to quickly crop high-resolution materials, automatically manage multimedia files in the background (creating a proxy, copying data, rendering), or the ability to work in a team on a single project. In addition, Media Composer also offers a number of advanced audio editing tools.

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Avid offers a wide range of software products. As a rule, we are talking about programs for video editing. Avid Media Composer First is a free version of this, one of the most popular film editing programs. This version offers many of the same features that can be found in the professional version, but the export of video materials is limited to a resolution of 1080p, and it is maximum to four video tracks and eight audio tracks.

It should be said that the entire list of products of the company is far from being limited to the programs listed above. Among them, you can find licenses worth more than one and a half thousand dollars. But a loyalty program has been developed for customers. Firstly, within 30 days, the program can be used absolutely free of charge as part of its trial version. Secondly, the company has a flexible discount system.

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