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What does it mean to prime an engine?

You must have thought you were on the wrong site when you came across this article about engines? But no, you came for the address, because Engine prime is an expression that is often found in the world of DJing. So, what does it mean to prime an enginein DJing? This notion does not refer directly to the process of creating mixes but to some formal points.

 What does it mean to prime an engine?  What does it mean to prime an engine?

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First, let’s find out what is Engine prime. It’s a kind of music production software whose task is to analyze, manage, and edit your music, advance the music library, steer, and playback your files with the Denon DJ PRIME. The best part is that the Engine software and hardware literally work for you. If you find it difficult to use, you can customize it according to your personal preferences and requirements.

Nowadays, all Engine DJ 2.0 versions are suitable for working with Engine Prime, however, the list is subject to change, so, occasionally monitor the official website for information.

So, intending to prime an engine, i.e. to transfer information from the Engine library, you need to open the software and insert your Engine Prime. All your music will remain in the same format; it does not need to be analyzed again.

You can use ongoing USB, SB, and hard disks with this software but keep in mind that to mix compositions you first have to get the disk into the database of Engine. The data transfer process is automatic and is based on the amount of information in your collection.

Oriented information update takes about twenty seconds to transfer 1000 tracks on the Engine equipment while transferring data on the workbench will take about 5 seconds.  This process is recommended only once per library or disk.

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