What Does Spotify Premium Give You?

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers access to tens of millions of music tracks. Creating an account is simple, and using the service itself shouldn’t be too problematic.

The account itself is free, but the application offers a Premium account, which allows us to enjoy music and podcasts without restrictions.

It is worth knowing that when creating an account with Spotify, we will have to create our own login, password, email address, date of birth and gender. Then, having agreed with the terms of the regulation, we can proceed to setting up an account.

After creating an account, Spotify Free is the default. It’s free and has some limitations. First of all, its use requires listening to commercials that periodically appear between songs.

Secondly, we cannot select a specific track upon request. Songs are selected for us based on artist or playlist, but we don’t have the option to select a song on our own.

Thirdly, we can only skip six pieces of music per hour. After this time, if we click the skip button, we will launch Spotify Premium ads.

The Spotify Premium version allows users to access a huge library of music and podcasts. The playback order is completely arbitrary, and most importantly, we don’t have to worry about our favorite song being interrupted by ads, because the paid version is devoid of any ads.

Thanks to the Premium option, we can also download our favorite songs unlimitedly to our device and then listen to them at any time, even without Internet access – offline. You should also keep in mind that the sound quality in the paid packages is much better than in the free version.

Spotify Premium is a paid package available on the Spotify platform, which is currently one of the most popular music and podcasting apps. The paid version works on a subscription model and is very popular. This is not surprising as it allows you to access your entire library without ads.

Spotify Premium users can choose from four available options. Like other apps that allow you to purchase packages using a subscription model, Spotify Premium can be used by one person or by several in a group. It’s worth remembering that a cheaper version of Spotify Premium is also available for students. People with the status of an active student receive a 50% discount.

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Spotify is currently the most popular music track platform launched in 2008. In less than three years, the platform has gained 1 million subscribers. At the moment, there are already more than 381 million active users per month.

It’s worth remembering that not every Spotify user is a Premium user. However, they are enough. Of the total number of active subscribers, as many as 155 million are people who use the paid version of the platform.

To enjoy the free Spotify Premium service, we need to follow the same steps as for people who purchase paid packages. Therefore, you will need to provide your payment details. It is important to note that if we only want to use the free version and do not want to pay for Premium after the trial period, we must cancel the service before the end of the billing period. Otherwise, we will automatically switch to a paid subscription.

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