What does Turning off sync Library do?

There are millions of Apple users in the world and we are sure that each of them faces the Sync Library option at least once. Every person knows where to find the option and how to activate it. However, have you ever turned it off? 

If not, let’s simulate the process and answer the most frequent question: “What does turning off sync library do?” together.

What does Turning off sync Library do?

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Let’s start with the overview of Sync Library disabling. To deactivate this option on iPhone, you need to go through the next process:

  • Go to the device settings;
  • Find the “Sync library” option in the Music section and turn it off.

Want to turn it off on your Mac? No problem, just follow the next steps:

  • Open the Apple Music application;
  • Follow to the “Music” section and choose there “Preferences”;
  • Go to the General section and deactivate the Sync Library option.

Both ways are quite simple and understandable. However, do you understand what will happen when this option is disabled?

If you have no idea, we will lay it all out for you right now!

By Google answers, you will see the next statements:

  • Songs disappearing on the phone;
  • No access and no ability to Sync Music library on all devices;
  • No ability to download Apple Music content;
  • No access to the app offline.

We have listed the most common answers to the question. However, there are other results too. In this case, the best way to get the clearest answer is to make a personal experiment.

However, if you don’t know how it will end, we recommend you transfer all songs from Apple Music to another platform to ensure the safety of music content.

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