What free DJ applications work with Spotify?

Are you dreaming about DJing? Still thinking that it’s an expensive hobby? Stop thinking like that! Now, we are going to prove you wrong.

What free DJ applications work with Spotify?

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Some years ago it was only available to those, who earned thousands and thousands of cash. Fortunately, everything tends to change over time, and DJing is not an exception.

The DJing sphere has changed completely in the last few years. DJing became much cheaper and opened up to hobbyists and newbies. It has broken every possible rule and started a new era of laptop DJs.

Now, every person who is fond of music mixing can try himself in a new field. The only thing which an individual should do is to find a DJ app and choose some songs from streaming services like Spotify or Tidal.

The internet is full of free DJ apps, so you won’t spend money at all. However, you should know what streaming platforms work with DJ apps.

Let’s talk about Spotify, as it’s considered to be the world’s best-known one. What free DJ applications work with Spotify?

You will be very surprised to know the answer. None of the DJ apps are supported by Spotify. Can you imagine that last year one of the most popular music streaming platforms stopped working with third-party DJing apps?

It was terrible news for Spotify’s users because earlier they could use such apps as DJay Pro, Virtual DJ, Pacemaker, JQBX, and Spotify DJ mode without problems.

Fortunately, DJ apps that are mentioned above, are still working with other streaming platforms like SoundCloud and Tidal. Therefore you are only one step away from starting the song mixing process.

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Just transport your playlists to SoundCloud or Tidal platforms. If you don’t want to spend much time on this process, rely on the MusConv app. It’s a useful service, it works with more than 50 music apps, so, it will solve the problem in a few minutes.