What Genre Of Music Makes The Most Money 2022?

The music world is rich and varied. Today, there are many musical genres to the attention of music lovers, each of which has many followers and adherents. Music is of great importance for modern society. In modern realities, this is a global industry dominated by certain genres. If we consider all genres as a whole, then each direction has its own musicians worthy of everyone’s attention.

There are styles known all over the world, there are regional styles that are common in several countries, for example, in India or Indochina. But which styles bring in the most revenue for artists?

As the name suggests, pop music is actually the most popular music genre in the world. According to the latest report from IFPI, which is engaged in statistical research in the field of music, up to 25 percent of those surveyed indicated that they prefer this particular direction. Despite the great popularity of rap music, it still lags behind. Everything is connected with the fact that young people prefer to listen to rap.

According to the survey results, global consumers listen to an average of 17.8 hours of music per week, with streaming currently the leading way to listen to music. That is, people most of all listen to music online using applications.

Music Makes The Most Money 2022?

The division of music into genres is a way of classifying it, allowing you to distinguish one type of music from another. At the moment, many modern sites with music prefer this division. The most popular music genres in the world:

• Pop 25%

• Rock 19%

• Hip Hop / Rap 16%

• Dance / Electronic / House 12%

• Author’s music 9%

• Classical / Opera 4%

• Blues 2%

• Metal 1.9%.

Some popular music streaming services, such as Spotify, provide similar data, which also keeps statistics on the number of listens for certain music genres.

Accordingly, the number of plays is directly proportional to the profit that the creation and listening to compositions of a certain genre brings. And this is a defining indicator in today’s global industry, where 80% of the profits are generated by music streaming services.

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There are various ways and categories of division into species. Its basis may be the function of the music (for example, religious music, cinema, dance music), the performing means used, that is, the instrument or ensemble of instruments or voices for which it was intended (for example, instrumental, vocal, electro-acoustic, as well as piano, violin ) or, for example, geographical determinants. Most often, such criteria are used in various combinations, and the selected genres of music may partially overlap.

In practice, the word genre is often used interchangeably with the term form or style of music, but music must be distinguished from musical forms, which are certain pre-imposed structural patterns used to compose music. Currently, the presented music industry is actively developing and attracting the attention of every person on the planet.

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