What Happened To My YouTube Downloads?

YouTube is a video hosting service. Today it is the most popular video platform in the world, used by more than two billion people around the globe. About half a million new videos are uploaded to YouTube every day.

The service allows not only creative self-realization for any user, but also to receive monetization if his video gains a certain number of views. Many Youtubers have managed to become quite rich people thanks to their work on this platform.

But sometimes it happens that you use YouTube for a long time, are quite satisfied with this video hosting, but then you suddenly find that all your downloads on this service have disappeared. You are at a loss and do not understand the reason for what is happening. What to do?

There may be several reasons for this problem. To get started, click on your profile avatar and sign in to your account. Next, check if you are using the same account, you may have more than one. Correct the data and the saved videos will appear immediately.

All your downloaded files are in downloads. Go to downloads in the same Google account that originally downloaded them. Saved videos will only be available to you on the account they were saved to when you first downloaded them.

There may be a few other rather banal reasons why YouTube uploads disappear. The simplest reason is that you don’t have a reliable internet connection, so you can’t see the downloaded video. Test your internet speed with free online services. If the speed is low, then restart the router and your gadget. If the speed does not improve, contact your ISP for assistance.

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YouTube releases updates all the time. It is likely that you could prevent the installation of updates on your device, in which case the version of the video hosting that is installed on your device may not be compatible with the software. To solve the problem, you just need to update YouTube to its latest version. As a rule, installing updates solves all problems with incompatibility with the operating system.

The quality of the picture itself is affected by the codec through which the video is shown to viewers. For small channels on which videos get few views, all videos are encoded using the AVC1 codec, which greatly compresses the quality, but also significantly compresses the file size. Larger channels and, of course, videos with a large number of views are automatically transcoded to the VP9 codec, and almost the original video quality will be shown through it.

You can force enable VP9 only if you use 4K quality, in other cases it can only be affected by the number of views of the video and the popularity of the channel itself. There are no other options.

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