What Happened To Primephonic?

Streaming service Primephonic is a streaming platform that specializes in classical music and has gained popularity among a certain category of listeners who are fond of classical music. Acquisition by Apple Corporation and further integration into the apple music application has several reasons.

Secondly, in this commercial transaction, the amount of which was not disclosed, there is a clear calculation that classical music has always been a priority for the most financially secure sections of society. And Apple gadgets are used by this category of users. And it is the owners of gadgets from the Cupertino corporation who most often use Apple Music as a music streaming application, since it is Apple Music that is most integrated into the Apple device ecosystem. Thus, the classical music application with classical music will become more in demand in the Apple system than it was in demand as a standalone platform. Accordingly, this will increase the ranks of Apple Music subscribers and bring more profit to the popular music streaming service.

Thirdly, representatives of the apple corporation are going to integrate the former independent music application into Apple Music. It is likely that the classic user interface of this application will remain the same as that of Primephonic. This will be done for the convenience of users who are accustomed to it and have previously used this particular application. He was very fond of classical music fans, who enjoyed using this streaming platform with great pleasure.

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The deal, which was carried out by a corporation from Cupertino, is considered by experts in the music industry to be very successful. Apple Music clearly lacked a segment of classical music. Classics, by the way, are in great demand among different segments of society. In this case, everything is determined not only by the financial conditions of users, but also by their cultural level, mentality, belonging to a certain stratum of society, and so on. The classics have become fashionable, they have become a trend, and Apple Music is seriously contributing to this.

New users will no longer be able to connect to Primephonic and will have to choose Apple Music if they want to take full advantage of the classical music app.

I would like to add that the classical music streaming app Primephonic was created in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This classical music playback app has been recognized as the best in the world market. Despite its relatively high cost, the app has been in demand among classical music lovers around the world.

Primephonic’s subscription cost was $14.99 per month. When integrated into Apple Music, the application will be available at the cost of a subscription to this streaming service.

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