What Happens If I Get Copyrighted On SoundCloud?

The content will go directly from SoundCloud to streaming services and does not require the participation of labels in the promotion of music. This option is available for SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited account holders. At the same time, when uploading music to other sites, its author retains the rights to it in full, and also receives 100% royalties. Additional payment, in addition to a subscription for an account, SoundCloud does not require.

The feature is already available in open mode for all users of SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited accounts. Of the main conditions: age from 18 years, the presence of rights to music, the absence of copyright infringement and more than a thousand plays in the last month. For those who meet these criteria, a special button will appear in the track management section. With its help, you can select the available channels for release placement.

SoundCloud Pro account holders are limited to posting only one release on other services. Unlimited music can only be downloaded by Pro Unlimited account holders.

Every song, every work has its creator. And today, few people are willing to give away their creativity for free. And especially if the music track is used for commercial purposes and brings additional income. This is where copyright laws and types of content licenses come into play.

Non-copyrighted music is music that does not solely belong to its individual creator. The interested party can usually pay a one-time fee to get permission to use.

In the event that SoundCloud can receive information from third-party sources that a certain track of a certain user is material that violated someone’s copyright, the administration of this music streaming service will remove this piece of music. Further, on behalf of the administration, this user will receive a letter to the email address that he specified when registering his account.

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The service will wait one week before removing the specified infringing track. It is assumed that during this period the user must somehow respond to an email from the administration of SundCloud and either remove the track on their own, or prove that in this case there is no violation of someone’s copyright.

The rules for using this music streaming service provide that there can be no more than two such notices of copyright infringement of another user.

If a user who allegedly violated someone’s copyright ignores a maximum of two such warnings, then his account on the streaming service will be permanently blocked.

To solve the problem, the user will need to contact the SoundKdaud support service and answer all the questions that will be asked by her. Errors often occur, this is not surprising, because the music market is simply crowded, so there may be a case of simply automatically copying one or another audio content or part of it, which the system will perceive as a violation of someone’s copyright. If the user is absolutely sure that he is right, then he can reasonably challenge the decision of the streaming service to remove the track he posted.

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