What Happens If You Don't Pay Pro Tools Subscription?

Avid presents a completely unique business model for buying and updating its flagship audio app. Avid has decided to change the once popular way of upgrading to higher versions of Pro Tools from the traditional pay-once, get-it-only subscription. In practice, this means that once a year or a month, users will have to pay for Avid products and the ability to receive updates to newer versions of the program.

This popular program will allow you to record audio and sound, process and edit a music audio track, song, audio book, commercial or podcast. Subscribing to Pro Tools is quite expensive. It may not be available to everyone, especially inaccessible it will seem to novice musicians who have not yet earned enough money to purchase it.

If you do not pay for your subscription on the renewal date, you will not be able to access all related software and services. Expired subscriptions cannot be renewed. If you want to maintain access to programs and services after your subscription expires, you must purchase a new subscription.

Pro Tools Subscription

If it is not possible to pay for a Pro Tools subscription, then the program will become unavailable. But in this case, there is an opportunity to use its free version. This is Pro Tools First, which can be used without a monthly fee. But the beginner still has to register a new account and he will be able to download Pro Tools First. All the main effects, EQs, compressor, reverb and echo are already included in this application. And ready-to-use customized projects for different tasks will significantly speed up the work and help beginners. 16 audio and instrumental tracks, 23 plugins, more than 3 gigabytes of sounds and synthesizers – in this class they will get acquainted with all instruments and begin to realize their musical ideas.

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Pro Tools First is easy to use. The Elastic audio function will allow you to fix flaws in the performance of audio parts, and not destructive editing will save the inexperienced user from the fear of ruining everything at the editing stage. If there is no way to pay for a subscription and spend money on a complex program and download a lot of everything to start, then Pro Tools First from Avid is an excellent choice.

In addition, the company recently announced that as part of its support for the music industry hit hardest by the restriction of events and the widespread quarantine, it is distributing licenses for its own programs to anyone in need, free of charge. Of course, this option also has a drawback – the limited functionality of the application. But these inconveniences can be tolerated a little to save money.

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