What Happens When You Buy A Song On Beatport?

If you work in the music industry, then you are probably familiar with the popular Beatport service. This is a well-known, but in many ways niche platform where DJs can purchase legal licensed music and then use it in their work.

Beatport is not a well-known e-commerce because it is an e-commerce focused on the world of electronic music (they sell ready-made songs for DJs) and therefore is practically known only in the world of electronic music professionals.

Now that there is a lot of competition in the world of online music, Beatport’s business numbers show that Beatport has been able to pick a “super niche” very well and also that it is doing very well in terms of its online marketing strategies.

One of the things that stand out the most about the Beatport shopping experience is the shopping cart concept. Beatport offers a “default cart” but also allows you to create different carts. In fact, by default, it offers a second shopping cart, called the “shopping cart”, designed to put in there those songs that you like, but you are not 100% sure of the purchase.

Considering how many users use the shopping cart as a wishlist, offering two default carts – one for what you’re about to buy and one for what you’d like to buy in the future – offers a lot of versatility and a very good shopping experience. experience; and a higher level of information for the retailer.

With songs, as with many downloadable products, it’s important to remember that once you buy a product, you don’t want to buy it again in the future. In short, you buy a song, download it, and you have it forever.

Beatport has developed a notification system so that if you add a previously purchased song to your cart, Beatport notifies you and asks for confirmation before adding it to your cart.

One of the most useful list types that Beatport offers is the top sellers. Beatport offers a Top 100 that is constantly updated, including the best selling songs of recent days, but also offers the same listings filtered by major categories.

So, the songs purchased on this service become the property of the buyer and can be used by him at his own discretion, including in the work of a DJ.

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This way, it’s easier to find the songs that have the most impact at any given time, based on the musical interests of buyers.

Another very relevant listing concept in Beatport is DJ Charts, i.e. song lists that famous DJs upload, usually for the purpose of publishing some of their latest songs, and which allow users to find the most popular songs.

Lists are a very useful tool to make it easier to find products in an environment with so many different products and above all so volatile and changeable.

An effective content marketing strategy keeps Beatport in mind for DJs, whether they want to buy music or not, so when they want to listen and discover new songs, Beatport remains one of their top choices in their minds.

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