What happens when you leave a blend on Spotify?

A blend is a new cool Spotify feature that allows two users to mix their playlists. It can be easily created by touching some buttons. However, have you ever thought about what happens when you leave a blend on Spotify?

What happens when you leave a blend on Spotify?

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It is easy-peasy to find an answer just by asking Google. In this case, you can receive two types of answers: very simple or really complicated. That’s why we did not give it trust and decided to conduct our own experiment.

To begin with, we signed in to the account and went through the process of blend creation. When the blend playlist was created, we found out that our playlists had a 90% taste match. This fact amused us a lot, as we had only 4 of the same songs on our playlists. We still can’t understand how this algorithm works. Nevertheless, the fact is that it works.

After that, we decided to leave a blend playlists and followed the next steps:

  • Clicked on the “Your Library” button;
  • Found our blend playlist;
  • Clicked on three dots;
  • Chose “Leave Blend” and successfully left the playlist.

The playlist was supposed to disappear. However, when we came back to the library, we have found it. As we figured out earlier that Spotify’s algorithms work weirdly that is why we decided to check if this playlist was alive or not.

Further, we clicked on blend playlist, and instead of songs, saw a specific Spotify notification that notified us that the playlist was empty. A few minutes later, the blend playlist disappeared from our library. 

Finally, let’s summarize all of the above. If you ever want to leave a blend on Spotify, you will get an empty playlist which will be deleted in minutes. What is more, leaving the blend will cause your friend’s playlist to be deleted as well.

All in all, Spotify is a great music streaming platform that allows people to enjoy their favorite songs. The only thing that alarms us is its work algorithm. It’s weird and seems like it could break down at any minute. That’s why we highly recommend you duplicate your playlists and transfer them to other platforms. 

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