What has Apple replaced iTunes with?

After 18 years of effective work, Apple decides to turn off iTunes, one of the most popular music platforms in the world. However, this does not mean that users will be cut off from music.

In MacOS 10.15, instead of iTunes, two separate applications appeared: one of them is designed to listen to music, podcasts and will allow you to synchronize data with devices iOS, the other will contain a library of films that can rent in the store iTunes.

Apple replaced iTunes

The music application includes elements of the old iTunes service, but is supplemented by the modern streaming application Apple Music. Podcasts will be played in a separate tool similar to the one that Apple released for the podcast iOS for iPad and iPhone. This solution allows users to subscribe to their favorite songs and download them, for example, for listening on the road.

Rumors that the iTunes would completely disappear from the system were not confirmed. The app continues to work on Windows. And on Mac it was replaced by separate programs – Music, Podcasts and TV.

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When iTunes was first released, he completely changed the rules for managing music. This was the first program that allowed users to easily manage their digital music collection. However, racing ten years ahead, iTunes is no longer the breakthrough that it once was. Instead, it has become sticky software that seems rather bloated. Last year, Apple released an update that corrected the situation, making iTunes more versatile, turning off many features.

Managers of the corporation from Cupertino decided to limit the use of iTunes because it became a higher priority for them to promote their own streaming service Apple Music. The era of musical streaming has come, when almost all music is listened to online, and only a small part of it is purchased from a virtual store. Accordingly, its implementation with the help of iTunes becomes impractical. Therefore, the use of the Apple Music streaming service, which is distributed at a premium subscription, will become more profitable. For the corporation, it is the development of musical streaming that comes first in priority. This is especially true against the background of the actively developing in conditions of strict restrictions related to the pandemic, the global music streaming market and fierce competition with its leader, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

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