What Has More Music Spotify Or Deezer?

If you are a Spotify or Deezer user, then you can certainly be considered a real music lover. These music streaming services are among the leaders in the global music market.

The Swedish Spotify can be considered the undisputed leader, which was founded in 2006, and began active work two years later. Today, it has over 400 million users who use their accounts on a monthly basis. Of this huge number of users, about half have a paid subscription that provides access to the full version of the music streaming platform.

Deezer is from France. Its head office is still located in the 9th district of Paris, it is almost in the very center of the beautiful French capital. Lee The achievements of this streaming music service are much more modest than those of its Swedish counterpart. But the French platform also has its advantages.

More Music Spotify Or Deezer

Spotify can be considered as a music streaming service for general consumption. It works in almost 200 countries, has paid and permanent free versions.


  • there is a client for both iOS and Android;
  • the library has 50 million tracks;
  • selection of new tracks based on the preferences of other users;
  • about 2 billion playlists from live curators and a unique algorithm;
  • individual subscription $9.99 per month;
  • the first 30 days are free for new users.

Its main difference from analogues is the ability to use the service for free, but with some restrictions. So, without a subscription fee, the entire library of tracks is available to the user, but with a low quality bit rate of 160 kbps. for computers and 96 kbps for mobile devices.

There is no way to view lyrics in Spotify, and the number of saved tracks cannot exceed 10 000.

The streaming service from Sweden claims that the number of songs in its music library is about 75 million. We are talking, of course, only about licensed music.

As for the French music streaming service, the number of its users is not exactly known, since it did not publish such data. But one thing is clear – there are ten times fewer of them than Spotify.

But it also has its advantages:

  • the only service with the ability to play tracks in a lossless format;
  • there are more than 73 million compositions in the library;
  • low traffic consumption;
  • a library of lyrics with the “karaoke” function;
  • integration with social networks Facebook, Twitter and;
  • individual subscription $9.99 per month;
  • the first month for new users is free.

This Paris-based music streaming service can stream music at its highest quality at 1411 kbps in the FLAC codec.

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The user of the premium version will be free from ads, get the quality of tracks with a bitrate of 320 kbps, and will be able to save tracks to their device. It is possible to use Deezer for free. True, in this case, the quality of the music will drop to 128 kbps and many functions will be unavailable.

As a plus, you can note the ability to subscribe immediately for a year at a reduced price, as well as a large number of curated playlists that you can save to your profile and share with friends.

So, when comparing music streaming services, it can be stated. That their music libraries are quite comparable in terms of the number of tracks. But if you decide to give preference to Deezer due to its lossless sound quality, then it should be said that not all songs that are on the French streaming platform can be listened to in this quality.

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